Washington DC – 4-star shooting guard Deshawn Harris-Smith had a very productive weekend at DMV Live. Harris-Smith is currently ranked 55th nationally and has recently visited Xavier and will also visit Maryland and Pennsylvania.

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“I think I showed the coaches that I can play more point guard this year and everyone will see it,” he said. “I had 8 assists in the first game and 11 in the second, so I went out and played Doug last year. It brings the ball to the court, engages my teammates and shows that I can be a better defender.”

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While Harris-Smith is actively recruiting, Penn State, Maryland, Georgetown, Butler, Villanova, and Xavier are among the schools that prioritize it.

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“It is very important for the schools hiring me to come here to see me. I’ve seen a lot of head coaches watching here and it showed that they really want me in their school and makes me feel needed.”

Harris-Smith talked about schools affiliated with 247Sports.

Xavier: “I’m really connected with the coach Sean Miller away. He talked about how I will come and get a starting role, be an important part of the team if I go there. His goal was for me to try to become the Big East Freshman of the Year. There were a lot of great things about my future and I really enjoyed it.”

Penn State: “I talk to them every day and they came to my school to talk to me. They have a great relationship with my coach, which is why we talk about Penn State all the time.”

“Coach Shrewsberry talks to me every day and knows Jaylen Brown my favorite player. He used to coach the Celtics, so he always sent me films about him, tried to help me get better, and sent me motivational quotes before games. I feel like he’s really obsessed with our relationship.”

Villanova: “I still talk to Coach Dwayne every day. Our relationship is getting stronger, and they are still the main contender for my decision, even despite the change of head coach. I really like Villanova, it’s kind of like Team Takeover and Paul VI.”

Maryland: “Just the fact that I was recently invited back meant a lot to me. It’s nice to be able to stay much closer to home so my family can watch me play. They have a great system and I feel like they never had DMV guys in the past but with Janatan they are off to a good start. They’re looking for a freshman group of 5 guys from an area that’s doing well. Maybe we can create a home class for freshmen.”

“I was supposed to visit them last weekend, but it has been moved to Thursday,” he added.

While there is no direct timeline for a decision, Harris-Smith does have a rough timeline for a decision.

“I always wanted to do this on my birthday on August 10th,” he said. “That would be the ideal situation, but I don’t have a specific timeline.”