Francis Ngannou couldn’t care less what Dana White and Jon Jones think of him

Francis Ngannou don’t care which UFC president Dana White And John Jones must be said about it.

During UFC 285 Fight Week, White says Ngannou will ‘never be in the UFC’ again after he did not accept a promotion offer after more than a year of negotiations, which led to his release in January.

Those words mean nothing to the former UFC Heavyweight Champion.

“Hey, I don’t care what Dana White says,” Ngannou said. ESPN in an interview released on Friday. “It was my call (to leave), not his call. So he should make amends with this. I made amends after. I wish him the same.”

As a result of the release, Ngannou was forced to vacate the heavyweight title. Jones stated when introducing Cyril Gein in the first round of the UFC 285 headlining event last Saturday in Las Vegas.

The fight between Ngannou and Jones was seen as a fight if Ngannou signed a new contract with the UFC, but this fight has apparently faded into the background. After defeating Gein, Jones called Ngannou an “apsey” and stated that Ngannou deliberately ran from the fight.

A few more words that Ngannou does not bother at all.

“We know Jon Jones from his drama. I think he’s just being dramatic,” Ngannou said. “… I don’t take it seriously. There is no battle on earth that I would refuse. I don’t care. I go there and everything that happens, happens. This is a sport. And definitely Jon Jones is not that guy.

“He may be the best of them all, but he is not the kind of guy that I run away from. No, not him. I will fight Jon Jones twice a month.”


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Ngannou, 36, continues to weigh his options but reiterated that boxing remains his top priority. Although he has negotiated with a number of famous boxers, Deontay Wilder apparently became the favorite to complete the deal.

wilder first mentioned the possibility of two fights – one in boxing and one in MMA – last month. Coach Ngannou Eric Nixic. told MMA Junkie earlier this month that Ngannou considered Wilder the “most intriguing” boxing match for him.

Ngannou shed light on the scope of the talks in an interview with ESPN.

“The most we’ve talked to is Deontay Wilder’s team,” Ngannou said. “We had some exchanges, basically we came to some kind of verbal agreement that we want to fight each other. We want to have two fights. We want to fight maybe one of those fights in Africa or maybe two of those fights in Africa that are going to be massive. It would be great. Jungle Fight turns 50 next year and I think it will be an opportunity to do something big in Africa. We are also looking at something around that timeline for a potential second fight.”

The story originally appeared on MMA Junkie.


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