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Frank Thomas on why White Sox traded Sammy Sosa to Cubs

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Frank Thomas on why the White Sox traded Sammy Sosa originally appeared on NBC Sports Chicago

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Three decades later White socks Fans may still be wondering, “What is the real reason Sammy Sosa was traded to Chicago Cubs?”

Well, fans may not have to be surprised anymore.

On March 30, 1992, the White Sox traded Sosa, Ken Patterson and some cash to the Cubs in exchange for George Bell, leaving fans to wonder if the trade for a young prospect was the right choice.

Well, on Thursday’s Sox Pregame Live Show, Chicago legend Frank Thomas talked about why Sosa wasn’t part of the team in the ’90s.

“He had a great, great ride on the south side. He and Walt Chryniac didn’t get along. That’s why they had to exchange it. He will no longer work with Walt,” Thomas said.

“He didn’t want to change his swing and he didn’t like the finish. So he wanted to be a two-handed guy, and he didn’t fit.”

Coaching differences prevented Sosa from being on the same team as Tomas, who was one of the best strikers of his generation. What could have been a playoff team didn’t.

Sosa went on to prove why trade between cities was a very bad idea. He established himself as one of the best players in Cubs history, hitting 545 home runs for their organization.

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