Free-agent WR Odell Beckham held workout in Arizona for double-digit teams

On Friday, Odell Beckham showed off his recovery to stakeholders.

The three-time pro bowler trained at the Arizona State Training Center in hopes of securing a contract after missing all of 2022 with an ACL injury.

Another reports listed the Rams, Ravens, Browns, Panthers, Jets, Cardinals, 49ers, Chiefs, and Vikings as attending.

Beckham, who is 13 months away from tearing his anterior cruciate ligament during the Rams’ Super Bowl win, has been in the headlines throughout the 2022 NFL season as a possible end-of-season addition to help a number of contenders. He never turned out to be healthy enough to join the team and become a champion, like they did with Los Angeles a year earlier, but teams will certainly be interested in adding a now fully recovered Beckham for the whole season and beyond.

Entering its ninth season, OBJ has 7,367 yards and 56 touchdowns in 531 career receptions.

There’s a high-risk-reward element to signing Beckham for a big fee — his three Pro Bowls came in his first three seasons and he’s torn ACL twice since 2020 — but the No. 9 player on Gregg Rosenthal’s 101 best free agents list is everything. still has a tantalizing ceiling.

Clubs will be calling and Beckham has taken steps to make sure they know what they’re getting from his Friday audition.


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