Future ‘par guy’ Rob Gronkowski gives epic interview at the Valspar Championship

Former NFL tight end Rob Gronkowski was in attendance Friday at the Innisbrook Resort for the second round of the Valspar Championship.

In between watching golf and apparently playing cornfield, the retired Gronk stopped by the interview seat, where he delivered a Hall of Fame-worthy performance.

We’ll just post the full transcript, in all its glorious fullness:

IN. What brings you here to Valspar today?

GRONK: “So I came to Valspar last year and just had a great time. What is special about it is that you can watch golf but at the same time this place is so cool. I also played cornhole watching everyone. to play golf. So, I have to do some things because I love doing things. I won a few games in the cornhole against some guys from the Lightning, actually I beat them in the cornhole.

“It’s just amazing. The atmosphere here is amazing. It brings the Tampa Bay community together. It’s just that the weather is just amazing. It’s 85 degrees outside. just a good day to feel good.”

IN. How many rounds of golf do you think you play in a year?

GRONK: “Probably in the last six years I have played about one round of golf. I have played many golf simulators in the north. I got better. In fact, I feel they are very accurate.

“There is one thing that I love to do is putt-putt. But I’m telling you right now, I’m just still very young, living a fast life, but I’m starting to calm down more and I feel like golf. this will be one of my games in the future. In the end I will play at a professional level. I would say that one day I will be a level guy. For about 15 years, I’ll be shooting at the level.”

IN. So, PGA Tour champions, when are you turning 50?

GRONK: “No, I’ll be the pro champion, yes, against everyone else.”

IN. Have you met any of the PGA Tour players?

GRONK: “In fact, I have never met professional golfers. Actually didn’t meet. Not personally, no. One day I met Tiger Woods very quickly. our object. Oh yeah, and he just walked by and I said, “What’s up, Tiger?” And he said, “What’s up, Gronk?” I shook hands with him. So he’s the only professional guy I’ve ever met, I’m pretty sure.

“But I actually met Shooter McGavin before and if you ask me, he is the most professional golfer ever. I dated Shooter.”

(Makes sounds like a gun.)

IN. If you could choose the Masters Champions dinner menu, what would it be?

GRONK: “My menu will consist of cheeseburgers, chicken wings, buffalo wings with blue cheese and, of course, my beautiful shaker with an ice drink inside. I just get a little drunk all the time, baby.

“Is that when you meant under the menu, how is the food?”

IN. Yeah. Great.


IN. Scotty Sheffler has cheeseburgers too. Sliders for cheeseburgers.

GRONK: “Yes, we are similar. He is a good guy”.


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