Gane gears up to take down ‘bad boy’ Jones in MMA title fight

Cyril Gein called Saturday’s UFC Heavyweight title fight against John “Bones” Jones in Las Vegas the “biggest fight” of his career and insisted he “has a good fight” against possibly the biggest name in the world of MMA.

The fight for the vacant heavyweight title brings together two men from very different sides of the cage.

Jones, who is no stranger to controversy outside the ring as he was suspended twice for his involvement in a traffic accident and a doping violation, is considered by many to be the greatest fighter in the history of the sport. light heavyweight mark.

Gein, a real heavyweight with middleweight dance steps, insists he comes from the quieter end of the street.

“We are completely different in character,” the Frenchman told AFP.

“He’s a bit of a controversial person, and I’m a pretty straightforward person. He’s more of a bad boy.

“But we’re going to fight, it’s a sport. It’s a sporting aspect that I put above other, more personal things that I don’t care about.”

Gein also distances himself from the American in terms of their fighting game and experience.

“When he was already a multiple champion, I didn’t even do martial arts yet,” says Ghane.

“When I started Muay Thai at 25, he had been a champion for three years, I didn’t even know MMA. I was just starting out in Muay Thai and then switched to MMA in 2018.

“Our stories are really very different. He started very early, I started very late.”

Gein, 32, missed his first shot at the title last year when he was beaten by Francis Ngannou.

But he bounced back strongly, knocking out Tai Tuivas in the third round at home in Paris last fall, and now has a second piece of the golden apple – the undisputed heavyweight title.

“This is without a doubt the most important fight of my career,” Gein says.

– “No weaknesses” –

However, 35-year-old Jones is a different type of fighter who has been considered the best fighter in the world for many years.

On the other hand, the American has been out of the ring for three years and is moving up in weight, but Gein doesn’t see it as something to keep him in Vegas.

“He (Jones) doesn’t really have any weaknesses,” Gein says.

“He is versatile and more importantly has very good wrestling skills, good cage handling, good opponent handling in general.

“So he has a very good fighting IQ.

“But I also have a very good ‘fighting IQ’. My strengths will be footwork, in the sense that I move a lot, I move more than him.

“This is his first heavyweight experience, so maybe it will do me good.”

Of course, it will be a battle of different styles, but it will include the coronation of a new world heavyweight champion.

“We don’t enter the cage with weapons, we enter with fists and feet, and that’s what happens,” Gein says.

“We’re going to give a good fight.”



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