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EMERSONGa. If there was one major takeaway from GBCA Live, it was that the rising junior Derrion Reid need to qualify for a place in the next ranking update for the 2024 national class. A sleek 6-foot-7 combo forward with versatility and a high level of skill, Reed led his Grovetown, Georgia high school team to an undefeated weekend in a highly productive manner.

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“I wanted to show that I can play with any opponent,” Reed said. “No matter what the rankings say, I want to go out and beat my competition.”

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Although Reid is new to the national scene, he already had a good reputation in the region, taking part in the event last weekend. Before he played three games at a high level, Reid received offers from Alabama, Auburn, Georgia, Georgiaas well as Xavier. Over the weekend, he added a sentence from cincinnati. Up until this point, he had discussed his hiring with 247Sports:

Auburn: “I went to see the Kentucky game. The atmosphere was great. I’m talking to Wes Flanigan and I know Zep Jasper. My mom taught him and I watched him at the gym.”

cincinnati: “They called me after my first game this weekend. They said they love how smooth my game is and how it feels to me. At my height, they like what I bring to the table.”

Georgia: “I told Mike White at a camp in Kennesaw. He was present at all our games. He says he likes the way I play.”

Georgia: “I’m going there next week for a visit. I talk to all the coaches every week. They ask me how I’m doing and tell me how I can improve as a player.”

After the weekend ended, Reid received a couple of offers from LSU as well as Mississippi. Because he is in the early stages of attracting attention and soliciting proposals, his recruitment projects for him are a huge priority for SEC programs.

As he managed to do on the opening weekend of GBCA Live, Reid should immediately bring in a flurry of top-notch coaches to kick off the opening game of the second practice weekend.