WILMINGTON, Delaware. — High school power forward Imani Christian Virgil Hall was one of the standout winners in last week’s Northeast Preview. Hall is 6’8″, weighs 225 pounds, and plays with high motor skills, athleticism and a strong physique.

“Those last two games I realized is real and I know what I really need to fix this year,” he said. “These games have shown me that I am a hard worker and much more patient than I thought.”

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“I’m really willing to do what no one wants to do when no one else wants to do it. In the last two games, I have focused not only on myself, but also on the rest of the guys when they lose. I really try to work on leadership and I feel like it’s paying off.”

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As Hall continues his hard game, he already has several schools involved in his recruitment.

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“So far it’s been Youngstown, Robert Morris, Bethune Cookman, South Florida, Wichita State and Southern Utah.”

“The process has started and it is definitely a new process,” he said. “I talked to different people, getting and getting a lot of different information about different schools. I’m trying to focus on not getting too carried away, working hard and letting people around me help me.”

Hall doesn’t have a timetable for any decisions right now, but he knows what he’s taking to the next level.

“One thing I will be paying attention to is the location of the school, as well as how each team plays,” he added. “I want to see if my game suits the team. I also want to see academics and how they can help you really understand you because the school side is important too.”

Hall High School assistant coach Hyrie Wilson spoke about what Hall is offering.

“Virgil has the leadership, struggle, hunger and passion that the team needs. He is capable of being anyone. He is a good center player, has the skills to play on the perimeter, and I think that there is no limit for him. He is able to move forward if he continues to come and continue to work as before. I think he has the potential to go as high as he wants to, it’s just to keep loving and enjoying the process and putting in the effort.”