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Giants observations: Rare Coors Field shutout finishes sweep over Rockies

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What We Learned As The Giants Completed The Cleanup With The Rare Coors Lockout originally appeared on NBC Sports Bay Area

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SAN FRANCISCO. Coors Field opened in 1995, and during that time the Giants have won a four-game streak there just four times. The latter happened in an amazing way: with a dominant serve.

In the best-of-breed games for offensive players, the Giants ended a four-game streak with three outstanding pitching performances in a row, with the bullpen holding up heavily in two of them. Thursday’s game was the second bullpen day of the series, and the group led the Giants to a 3-0 victory.

The shutout was the Giants’ fifth at Coors Field and the first since April 2012 that Barry Zito stunned the Rockies and his teammates and coaches with a full four-hit game.

A four-game winning streak returned the Giants to 73–77 for the season, giving them a much better chance of finishing with a .500 record. They will now head to Arizona for three against the promising Diamondbacks team before hosting the Rockies and Diamondbacks at Oracle Park next week.

Here are three things to know from the Giants’ last game of the season at Coors Field:

right at home

Mike Yastrzemski became a major league player during a visit to Coors Field in 2019 and hasn’t stopped hitting there ever since. Yastrzemski started Thursday with a hitting line of .327/.402/.694 in 26 career games in Denver, and he added a sixth-inning solo throw from the front of the second deck.

The homer was Yastrzemski’s 10th career explosion at Coors and earned him 32 RBIs. A year after hitting 25 homers, he’s only 14 this season. Three of those 14 have played in nine games at the Coors.

(Last) new guy

Right-hander Jarel Cotton made his debut for the Giants in the fifth inning, becoming the 63rd player to play for them this season. Cotton, a 30-year-old who previously played in the big leagues with the A’s, Rangers and Twins, threw in 2 2/3 scoreless innings, allowing two hits and striking one.

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Cotton gave Charlie Blackmon a leading double in the sixth inning, but struck out Michael Tollu and caught a break when Eleuris Montero hit center. Yastrzemski deftly caught the ball and threw the ball back into the infield for an easy double play; Blackmon took off on contact and never turned around to see where Yastrzemski was.


John Brebbia started Tuesday’s opening game and then did it again on Thursday. Since 1969, the Giants have only had one pitcher start in two straight games. You have to go back to… last year when Dominique Leone was first.

Brebbia had a role this season and it thrived. For eight “starts” he has not yet allowed a run. It took him just 14 pitches to go clean on Thursday before passing the ball to Tyler Rodgers and the rest of the players.

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