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Giants WR Kenny Golladay confused by lack of playing time: ‘I should be playing … that’s a fact’

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They say one is the loneliest number, but Kenny Holladay on Sunday and two wasn’t much better.

This is the total number of snaps the receiver played in the Giants’ 19–16 win over the Carolina Panthers. Golladey remains puzzled by the current situation in which the Giants seem to be taking him out of the game and expects – perhaps more than anything – something will change for him in week 3.

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“No, I think it will probably be a little different,” Golladay said on Wednesday. “But like I said, I really, I still really don’t know. I’m preparing like I’m going to play, but who knows.”

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Golladay arrived in New York as a commendable signing with the front office led by Dave Gettleman in 2021. Holladay was considered a promising receiver who had two 1,000-yard seasons under his belt and just needed to get out of Detroit. signed a four-year, $72 million deal to join Big Blue.

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He has since caught 29 passes for 543 yards in 16 games. He has yet to score a touchdown as a giant, and with playing time as limited as it was on Sunday, that’s unlikely to change.

Instead of playing with his well-paid receiver, head coach Brian Daball and the Giants staff opted to use lesser known men like Richie James, former college quarterback David Sills, Kadarius Toney (who caught two passes but scored zero yards) and rookie receiver Van’Dale Robinson. Meanwhile, Golladay remains puzzled by the lack of playing time, which he does not consider a punishment for an unspecified reason.

“No, I mean what I said, general manager, head coach, all these coaches keep saying, ‘You’re doing everything right, you’re doing the right thing,'” Golladay said. “So, like I said, it’s a little confusing.

If you take Golladey’s $17.75 million in cash owed to him in 2022 and divide it by 17 regular season game checks, that means he’s making $1.04 million per game. Obviously, this is not exactly exact mathematics, as it relates to the specifics of his contract, but for this exercise we will equate it to such.

This math would mean that each shot of Golladey in week 2 was worth roughly $522,000.

This is the opposite of return on investment. This is wasted money.

The big issue here is what the Giants will do to remedy this situation. New York, a team that’s already buried by the necessary staff turnover that’s saddled the franchise with a $44 million dead cap for 2022, is running with just $5.4 million in available space to cover per Over The Cap.

Cutting Golladey would have added $25.4 million in dead money in a year, making it unfeasible.

The exit remains in the form of a trade. New York will only have $3.4 million in dead cap space if the Giants find a trading partner willing to do the Golladay deal, which has two years left after 2022, worth $21.4 million in free space per season. He also has an invalid year on his current deal, which will increase to $3.4 million in a dead cap in 2025 after his contract expires.

This financial burden, combined with what keeps him from playing, reduces his appeal on the open market – at least for now. If a team with enough cap space suddenly needed a wide receiver, he could probably be drafted in the Day 3 draft.

For now, however, he remains a giant with no escape route. All he needs is a way back to the field.

“I have to play anyway,” Golladay said on Wednesday. via Connor Hughes of SNY. “It is a fact.”


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