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Grades for every NFC team’s fantasy players: Are the Super Bowl champ Rams No. 1?

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Los Angeles Rams – A

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Matthew Stafford as well as cooper coup were the NFL’s top tie-in last season, and both of them led the division once again.

#10 Cooper Kupp and #9 Matthew Stafford of the Los Angeles Rams are an elite fantasy duo.
Matthew Stafford and Cooper Kupp are back to create fantasy magic together. (Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images)
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Always up for a deal, the Rams added a former professional bowler Allen Robinson to the mixture. If Robinson can regain his 2019/2020 form, the Rams will have a true 1A-1B duo. At his best, Robinson is an upgrade from Robert Woods. For Robinson, Van Jefferson showed in his second year that he is a big No. 3 wide receiver who is slightly underestimated.

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The back field must have Cam Akers in full force after an Achilles injury at the 2021 training camp. He didn’t look quite right during the team’s Super Bowl run, but Sean McVeigh still landed a huge amount of touches on him. This is a good sign for his future as a main character. Darrell Henderson it is an electrical backup that can also be swapped out when going through falls.

Tyler Higbee doesn’t offer a ton of big game juice, but is a solid starter in the tight end. You really have to reach out to find the weak spot in this attack.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers – A-

Tom Brady returned to compete in the Super Bowl once again, and once again surrounded by a strong cast of characters.

Mike Evans established himself as the best pass catcher on the team and remains the No. 1 dynamic player. He will have to take on more responsibility at the start of the season because although Chris Godwin was abandoned, he can pick up speed, slowly recovering from an ACL rupture at the end of the season. Team signed underrated Russell Gage from Falcons to help fill in the gaps. Gage’s film is really good; he spent some big weeks on the Falcons’ terrible offense at the end of last season.

Leonard Furnett was returned after a strong season as a striker and receiver. He is a solid defender who can play all three downs. Bucks in the draft Rachaad White to bring more juice behind Furnette. It will be an update Ronald Jones in the running game.

Concerning Rob Gronkowski, I believe he’s moving on from more than just training camp when it comes to week 10 or so of the season. Even IF Gronk finished Cameron Bright is a reasonable replacement at the tight end.

San Francisco 49ers – B

I still believe in Trey Lance plus to take the 49ers’ steady, effective offense and make it dangerous. Lance looked visibly raw in his brief appearances as a rookie but showed an ability to keep the chains in motion with his feet and land vertical shots off the numbers in passing play. However, he is still unproven, keeping the team away from A or B+ territory.

However, if Lance hits his ceiling, it will be one of the biggest violations of 2022.

George Kittle as well as Deebo Samuel the two best players in their position. These are unique and revolutionary players who create problems with matches. Fantasy managers got burned Brandon Aiyuk an unexpected trip to the dog house at the beginning of the season, but you need to let her go. He was a prolific player and has been in the top 20 fantasy wide receivers since week 8 after he signed with the coaches. This trio can match almost any pass-catching corps in the league.

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The running game is always good in San Francisco and it looks like they have unearthed a gem in Elijah Mitchell. The team is hoping that one of the guys they’ve drafted over the past two years trey sermon or Tyrion Davis-Price acts as a reliable backup.

Philadelphia Eagles – B

The Eagles put star power into their offense when they traded for AJ Brown on the first day of the 2022 NFL Draft. It’s hard to express how big the difference is Jalen Raygor goals and giving them to Brown is going to do. Brown has the top five talents in this position and should be the final piece of this passing game.

Brown’s acquisition should only make famous Eagles players like Dallas Goedert as well as DeVonta Smith better. The tandem of Brown and Smith will soon be considered one of the best receiver duos in the league. Smith won last season as a clean separator and wide receiver, and his ability will allow Brown to move through the formation and create mismatches.

The back is a bit muddy Miles Sanders still in place like leading back. However, 2021 ended as one of the highest scoring ground games in the NFL.

The ceiling of this crime all goes back to the defender Jalen Hurts. One of the biggest threats in this position, the Eagles still look to him for consistent passing prowess before committing to long-term moves. However, he has gotten better in each of his last four seasons since college. If he doesn’t transcend his current position – strong support and a barely passable starter – then the Eagles will be looking for promotion next offseason.

Minnesota Vikings – B

The Vikings offense should get a breath of fresh air in the coaching department this year when the cranky Mike Zimmer leaves and former Rams offense coordinator Kevin O’Connell takes over. Zimmer has consistently pushed this team back in terms of modern offensive concepts when the new lineup should be just the opposite.

On paper, it still looks like a nice but a little heavyweight unit.

Justin Jefferson is a well-deserved headliner. The young star looks set to explode after a tumultuous start to his career. No one should be surprised if he leads the NFL in several receiving categories. Behind him Adam Thielen hopes to recover from injuries in 2021 and Kay Jay Osbourne files as hard no. 3. Irv Smithalso candidate for rebound.

Backfield still leads Dalvin Cook who, despite his injuries, looks like he hasn’t lost a step yet. Cooke is still a big rusher and solid receiver that this team can build a running game around. Alexander Mattison has been a more than reliable replacement for Cook over the years.

Of course, Kirk Cousins still has one of the wildest salaries in the context of his position in the league, but he’s a great starting quarterback. He can be the man pulling the strings in a comfortable offensive system filled with playmakers.

Green Bay Packers – B-

Packers are difficult to evaluate.

On the one hand, they have a two-time league MVP holding the most important position in the sport. Aaron Rogers is of great importance if you look at this crime on paper. They also have one of the best backfield tandems in the NFL with Aaron Jones as well as AJ Dillon. Many teams in the league are certainly jealous of the quarterback and running back situation.

On the other hand, no NFL team will look at their pass-catching body with any shade of green. The Packers WR Corps became one of the worst divisions in the entire NFL after Davante Adams trade. At the moment, they don’t have a single above-average verified starter.

The team is looking forward to Robert Tonyan to fully recover from the injury of 2021, because no one significant was added there either.

It looks like Green Bay will lean entirely on an identity based on running game, updated defense and still effective but less bulky, more spread out passing game around Rodgers.

Dallas Cowboys – B-

Duck Prescott splattered on the stretch while dealing with a calf injury but should be the healthiest he was almost two years before his first week. He’s still a top-notch starting quarterback, and anyone protesting that fact doesn’t really matter.

Dallas lost Amari Cooper it’s off season, but CD Lamb in place. He’s ready to take the next step as a dynamic, legitimate No. 1 wide receiver. However, the depth beyond is a concern. Michael Gallup is unlikely to be ready before a few weeks after the start of the season. Remains a rookie in the third round Jalen Tolbert as well as James Washington compensate for slack in a wide receiver.

Lamb should clear 150 targets with ease.

Dallas Cowboys Wide Receiver CeeDee Lamb (88)
CeeDee Lamb should be a target in 2022. (Photo by George Walker/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images)

Fortunately, the rooms for runners and tight ends are in good shape. Ezekiel Elliott the contract is crazy, but the veteran guard played well until the PCL injury last season. He is not as dynamic as he used to be, but plays steadily. Tony Pollard does however, bring some momentum to the stable of runners and can also offer an upside down pass. Dalton Schultz is back with a franchise-flagged team and has an ultra-reliable play style.

Dallas may not be as heavy as it used to be, but it’s far from the danger zone in terms of offensive firepower.

Detroit Lions – B-

You can only worry so much about the device with Jared Goff in quarterback, but I definitely feel like the national conversation about him has jumped the shark. He’s not the franchise’s true answer, but he’s an average starter at worst. Goff may be a distributor for a talent-staffed division, and the Lions suddenly look like one of those teams.

Let’s see when a newbie Jameson Williams ready to play, but when he’s there, he lifts the lid, dictating the reach of a wide reception area. He has really rare game speed and good route passing skills.

Last year’s rookie revelation Amon-Ra Saint Brown is the favorite to lead the team in this year’s goals. He won’t be averaging 11 goals per game like he did before the end of 2021, but he’s a solid wide receiver with good hands and YAC ability. The depth behind these two young players is much better than in previous seasons with dj chark as well as Josh Reynolds in the fold.

Both D’Andre Swift as well as T. J. Hockenson dealt with injuries last season but looked like a promising young player. If they take the next step and stay on the field, this offense suddenly boasts strong and rising talent in every position around Goff.

Washington Commanders – C+

Commanders will try to succeed where the Colts failed in Carson Wentz career rehab…


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