Grizzlies, league officials view Ja Morant’s latest incident as an opportunity to mature and move forward

The video was irrefutable. A shade of purple covered Ja Morant’s face and shirtless chest, his teeth bared in a wide grin as he brandished what undoubtedly looked like a gun to the world.

The live stream, which Morant streamed from his Instagram account last Friday night, shows no gray area despite the dim lights from Shotgun Willie’s strip club in Glendale, Colorado, following a loss to the Denver Nuggets. It was the latest in a string of troubling incidents surrounding the Memphis Grizzlies’ fourth year All-Star Game.

Memphis officials, both privately and publicly, declined to provide further details about specific steps the Grizzlies’ All-Star point guard is taking. Head Coach Taylor Jenkins told reporters in Los Angeles., “We keep these dialogues inside how we frame it all. This is our internal affair.” What’s clear is that the Grizzlies see this moment as an opportunity for Morant to step back from the chain of troubling events surrounding alleged gun possession and allegations of threats of violence. The organization appears to be holding the 23-year-old franchise point guard accountable while also expressing support for his overall well-being and growth.

League sources told Sportzshala Sports that in the wake of the Instagram debacle, Morant and his immediate family displayed a newfound vulnerability and a fresh admission that they had taken responsibility for his untrustworthy behavior. They contacted local Memphis trustees and other consultants to find out how best to proceed and wind down at the right time. This could all be seen as an opportune time, but if it’s accurate and sustained, it’s going to be a real change in behavior from how Morant and his partners have dealt with accusations and criticism during this tumultuous season.

After Morant’s father, Ty Morant, and close friend Davonte Park fell to the floor during an altercation with Pacers players during a January 29 game against the Indiana, a league investigation resulted in Park being banned from the FedEx forum until further notice, the sources say. confirmed by Sportzshala Sports. and Morant replied on twitter It was “unbelievable” that the league “banned my brother from home games for a year” because of the incident. Morant has since deactivated his Twitter account — and his Instagram account — following the video footage in Colorado.

FILE - Memphis Grizzlies guard Ja Morant reacts to a three-point shot against the Houston Rockets during the first half of an NBA basketball game Wednesday, March 1, 2023, in Houston.  This aggressive style of play helped the 23-year-old defender skyrocket to the top of the NBA.  But his aggressive approach to basketball has apparently spilled over into his off-court lifestyle, relegating it to the background.  (AP Photo/Michael Wyke, file)
Memphis Grizzlies guard Ja Morant has been out of the team for a while. (AP Photo/Michael Wyke, file)

NBA investigation failed to corroborate the harsh claims that a red laser from a rolling SUV carrying Morant and other acquaintances was aimed at members of the Pacers’ traveling group on the FedEx forum after the game. The police investigation also found no evidence that Morant brandished a firearm during the July pickup truck incident at his home. Morant’s lawyers argued that any violence on his part was due to self-defense. as detailed in a lengthy Washington Post report.

Perhaps this moment is indeed a well-known wake-up call for the responsibility of Morant and his entourage. Just a week before that game with the Pacers, Ty Morant approached Fox Sports character Shannon Sharp on the sidelines of the Arena, and what started with Sharp and Grizzlies defenseman Dillon Brooks chit-chatting about trash escalated into a feud between Ty and Sharp. League personnel, from players’ agents to opposing team officials, were well aware that T and others close to Jha exhibited a consistent pattern of detrimental behavior on the court during Grizzlies competition.

Now, the league has launched another investigation following a social media post by Ja Morant, soon followed by an announcement by Memphis on Saturday that Morant would be out of the Grizzlies for at least two team games in Los Angeles. A Colorado police investigation found no evidence to charge Morant with any criminal activity that night. What’s left to define the NBA is exactly how Morant gained gun control during the trip. CB expressly declares NBA players “must not carry a firearm of any kind or any other lethal weapon” whenever the player is present at a team event, including “when the player is traveling on any NBA related business.”

Although that initial two-game Morant absence schedule came to an end following Tuesday night’s loss to the Lakers, there is no timeline for Morant’s return to basketball while the NBA looks for more information, league sources confirmed to Sportzshala Sports, and how Morant is looking to “get help and work on learning more effective ways to deal with stress,” he said in a statement Saturday afternoon. On Wednesday, the Grizzlies announced that Morant would miss at least the next four games.

This could also be the moment for the NBA to set a precedent in its current form. There are many in the league who believe the commissioner’s office won’t go down hard on Morant, the league’s rising face who broke into the NBA’s top 10 in jersey sales for the first time in January. He has not been found guilty of any crimes, and Morant started in the All-Star Game just a few weeks ago. Nike, which was due to release his signature Ja 1 sneakers in April, responded with a statement that “We appreciate Ja’s responsibility and that he takes his time to get the help he needs. We support him prioritizing his well-being.” The NBA business certainly has something to lose if Morant is sidelined for an extended period, especially in the postseason.

But there are also plenty of player representatives and team principals supporting a lengthy ban – on top of competitive concerns – of Morant, who has signed a five-year, roughly $200 million extension starting next season. Soaring salaries are expected to rise in line with the NBA’s next proposed television contract after the 2024-25 campaign, and there is certainly a general concern among decision makers on teams – as has always been the case with pre-draft player intelligence gathering – how such exorbitant salaries can affect the mentality. from 20 years old. “It’s very easy to lose touch with reality,” one of the CEO’s assistants told Sportzshala Sports.

There will be more young stars selected in the top five and anointed as organizational saviors, their friends and families will be given the keys to the franchise kingdom and the freedom to open any palace doors they please. If Morant has lost some understanding of how to act as a responsible source of the Grizzly’s lifeblood, and his disturbing behavior pattern has no real consequences, it’s possible that another phenomenon could operate just as freely and dangerously. Several league figures contacted by Sportzshala Sports cited an important backdrop to the tangled chain of gun violence sweeping the country as a whole, while Alabama’s 2023 NBA draft’s top prospect, rookie forward Brandon Miller, continues to play for the Crimson Tide after the Tuscaloosa Police. testified that Miller delivered the gun to a former teammate and another man who allegedly used it to kill a woman.

It’s always difficult to predict the length of NBA investigations, and it’s impossible at this stage to tell how the league will ultimately react to Morant’s social media post, which one player agent called “the middle finger to Adam Silver and the commissioner’s office.” Significantly, Memphis did not consider Morant’s continued absence as a suspension, and the CBA prohibits teams and the league from taking disciplinary action for the same action. The League will try to meet with Morant and his representatives before drawing conclusions.

For now, the Grizzlies seem to be taking a wait-and-see approach, laced with optimism that this could all serve as a productive springboard for Morant and the future of the franchise. He is considered a beloved teammate who, sources told Sportzshala Sports, gives recruits customized Louis Vuitton luggage on their first day at Grizzlies Stadium. Memphis is known to have a close-knit locker room, without the self-absorbed cracks and envy that can spin a roster in such a competitive environment. And it’s a franchise that absolutely supports this season’s championship quest as the Grizzlies offer Brooklyn several first-round picks before the February trade deadline, sources told Sportzshala Sports, first for Kevin Durant and then for Mikal Bridges.

However, any contentious conversation and any future for Memphis to repeatedly vie for the title has reached an inflection point. The league and the Grizzlies certainly hope this will be the last current event where anyone can talk about Morant and his activities again. Whatever steps are taken to ensure that the NBA and the franchise speak volumes.


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