MONTREAL — Lewis Hamilton has called Mercedes’ experimental start at the Canadian Grand Prix a “disaster.”

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This season, Hamilton’s form has changed, then on Friday he looked out of his element, finishing the second session in 13th place.

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The first two hours of practice are usually an opportunity to try and find the optimal setup for qualifying and racing, with teams often trying different things on both cars to find the perfect solution for a competitive session.

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Hamilton was brought up saying that “this car is so bad” before one of his TV interviews began after Friday practice, and he later admitted that it was a disappointing day.

“Almost like every Friday for us,” Hamilton said. “Tried a lot of different things, experimental floor on my side that didn’t work.
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Nothing we do with this car usually works.

“We’re trying different settings, me and George, with very different settings in this P2, just to see if one way works and the other doesn’t. I’ll wait to hear how he felt, but for me it was a disaster. It’s like the car is getting worse. She becomes more and more unhappy the more we do with her.

“We will continue to work on it, but it is what it is. I think this is the car of the year, so we just have to persevere and work hard to build the best car for next year.”

Hamilton’s health was a concern this weekend after he struggled to get out of his car after the Azerbaijan Grand Prix, where he raced violently bouncing inside the car.

The seven-time world champion said he feels much better ahead of the weekend.

“I managed to get through the day well and didn’t have ice baths or anything, so I’m fine.”