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Harry Higgs, Cole Hammer, Andrew Putnam tied for lead at RSM Classic


ST. SIMONS ISLAND, GA — Harry Higgs lost his full PGA Tour card at the end of last season and took the step to get it back at Sea Island on Friday.

Higgs played ghost-free at the more difficult Seaside track for a 7-63 team, giving him a share of the lead with recent Texas alumnus Cole Hammer and Andrew Putnam heading to the RSM Classic weekend.

Even if Sea Island doesn’t feature any of the world’s top 20, much is at stake in the Tour’s final official event ahead of a six-week break at the end of the year.

Hammer, who scored 66 points at Seaside, is playing with a sponsorship exemption and does not have full status on any tour.

Putnam: “I played almost flawless golf”


Putnam, whose only Tour title was in 2018, scored 65 at the Plantation circuit. He’s playing for the eighth time in 10 weeks, having only missed the Bermuda Championship in the fall because he made all the cuts – he was second in Japan – and because the weather isn’t all that good at home near Seattle.

Higgs is an ordinary person, popular among his peers, and it hurt him to end last season exactly the way he did. After finishing 14th in his debut Masters event, Higgs missed out on 10 of his last 14 events and finished out of the top 125 in the FedExCup. He went to the Korn Ferry Tour Finals and did not qualify for all three events.

Now he has a conditional status, and this opens up great opportunities. Job security can be stressful on the Tour, especially during a season when only 70 people can qualify for a lucrative postseason.

“It’s deep down. This is always the case for almost everyone except for some of the best players in the world,” Higgs said. “But it can motivate you to work a little harder, to make smarter decisions. The goal is not to worry about it in March or as soon as possible, right?”

The leaders were 12-to-130.

Joel Damen (64 at Plantation), Bo Hossler (67 at Plantation) and Sahit Tigala, who tied Higgs with 63 at More, were one shot behind.

Damen won in the Dominican Republic last year and his release expires after this season. He often lives with Higgs, so he can appreciate the feeling of playing with pressure while trying to keep a job.

“Golf is very hard and can go bad quickly. Playing with freedom for…two and a half years has never really been like this in my career. So yeah, the game in Napa was like, “OK, we’re back to square one.” If you don’t play well, you don’t have a job.” I was well aware of this.

“I don’t necessarily think about it when I’m there, but of course I had a couple extra days of practice.”

Full results from RSM Classic

The weather was not as cold as in the first round and the scores remained low. The reduction was 4 to 138.

Hammer, who played his first tour as a pro in Houston last week, ghosted the fairway on the seventh and eighth holes at Seaside – two of the easiest holes of the day – and then turned it around with a 3-foot approach. on No. 9, and then an 18-foot birdie on the next hole.

The rest of the way he didn’t get scared and will be in the final group at the weekend.

“I was a bit depressed after 7 and 8. I put myself in a great position to do birdies and I walked away with two ghosts and it’s almost unforgivable,” Hammer said. “But going back, shooting a 9, and then birding a 10 — erasing those ghosts right away on two harder holes — was huge for momentum and confidence.”

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