Here’s hoping Jalen Carter publicly tells ‘truth’ he promised about alleged involvement in fatal crash

Jalen Carter was scheduled to speak to the media Wednesday at the NFL scouting facility in Indianapolis.

Then the Georgia quarterback and potential top pick in the draft got word that police in Athens had issued two arrest warrants for reckless driving and racing.

The charges, both misdemeanors, stem from January 15, when police allege that Carter was involved in an early morning street race that ended when a separate car veered off the road and crashed.

The accident killed Bulldog teammate Devin Willock and 24-year-old Georgia football player Chandler LeCroy. Two more were injured.

Police said Lecroy had a blood alcohol level of .197, more than double the legal limit in Georgia. Her car’s speedometer was stuck at 83 mph, more than double the city street speed limit. Police say she was accelerating to 104 degrees shortly before the accident.

The band was away that evening, celebrating their victory in the Georgian national championship the week before. They exited a downtown strip club and headed for the nearby Waffle House when police said three separate cars, including one driven by Carter, were in a street race.

The timing of the announcement, early in the draft process in which Carter is a prominent figure, with headlines including double deaths, has sparked speculation. Carter understandably canceled his scheduled interview and instead promised to write the full story at some point in the future.

“I intend to return to Athens to answer the misdemeanor allegations made against me and to ensure that the full and exact truth is presented,” Carter said in a statement. “I have no doubt that when all the facts are known, I will be fully acquitted of any criminal offenses.”

We hope that he will speak publicly about this, both for himself, for the families of the victims, and for anyone who is concerned about the behavior of the Georgia football program that evening (and there are many).

Jalen Carter would do well to share
Jalen Carter would do well to share the “full and exact truth” he promised on Wednesday about his alleged involvement in the fatal crash in the coming weeks. (Mark J. Rebilas, USA TODAY Sports)

Carter’s legal danger here seems limited. While both counts can result in a $1,000 fine and up to a year in prison, the likelihood of imprisonment is minimal. If this is an isolated situation, then Carter is not going to lose much, if at all, in the NFL Draft. He’s too good for what is essentially bad judgment and luck he didn’t get hurt.

Although participating in street racing was reckless and showed shortsightedness, it was not Carter who caused the other car to crash and he is not responsible for anyone’s decision to race.

“Evidence showed that both vehicles moved from one lane to another, drove in the center lane for the turn, moved into oncoming lanes, overtook other motorists and drove at high speed, clearly trying to overtake each other,” Athens police said. in a statement.

It was a terrible decision. Arrogant and underage. However, it was a drunken Lecroy who was driving that night, not Carter. Police said Carter did not appear to be under any influence when they spoke to him at the scene.

This happened about an hour and a half after the crash, when Carter was asked to return to the site after the initial departure. Another questionable decision, but he wasn’t required to stay at the scene of an accident that didn’t involve his car.

Carter’s story has changed multiple times, according to report AJC.comwhich makes the police suspicious. What he says now is the most important. He needs to be clear and clear and start moving on from this tragedy with a better understanding of what is at stake.

Two members of the Georgia football family have died. Two more were injured. Everyone is lucky that some innocent citizen of Athens was not injured or killed, just passing through safely.

These memories should remain with the talented defender. His future is yet to come. He owes everything in his past to help find answers to questions about what happened that night, what decision led to this unfortunate event, and what Georgia and everyone else can do to ensure this never happens again.

It can be painful. It might be awkward. However, instead of serious legal problems, Carter should see this as part of his redemption.

“When all the facts become known,” he promised.

Well, as soon as he agrees with the prosecutors, let’s listen to them publicly. This press conference of the plant will never take place, but another should take place in the future.


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