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The Minnesota native laughed at the cold as he recalled playing in eighth grade when the wind was 0 degrees. The Louisiana native grimaced as he said twice, “It was cold, it was cold,” before adding that the weather was “doable,” as if it wasn’t obvious in that No. 18’s Notre Dame beat Boston College 44-0 at Saturday.

Would it be too trite to say that the Irish ground game hit the Eagles like an avalanche in the first half before it actually snowed after halftime? There are supposedly about 180 words for snow in the Scandinavian countries – more than three times the actual number in the Eskimo languages ​​- but a more appropriate number associated with snow on Saturday was 214, as in the first half of Notre Dame on 22 carry.

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When a six-inch snowfall that hit South Bend on Saturday clouded all sight and reduced most of the traction after the break, the fate of Boston College was already buried under that avalanche, a 37-0 deficit at halftime more than the Eagles (3-8 ). able to beat even the FCS team in September, not to mention the Irish (8-3) as they come into shape expected in September.

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An average of 9.73 yards per carry in the first half would be enough. That was more indicative of the Notre Dame rout than anything reduced by 67 yards on 16 rush attempts in the second half, and the score and snowfall ruled out any version of active aggression from the competition.

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“Every week we’re challenged to run the ball,” sophomore left tackle. Joe Alt said. “Being able to go out and put on a number like that for our seniors, especially our senior linemen, to send them off the right foot into the Notre Dame stadium, it was so much fun for us as a group.”

You could believe Alt, from suburban Minneapolis, found the 25-degree afternoon heat and heavy snowfall to be “fun.” It was still a little hard to trust him or anyone else’s bare skin hugs that day. Irish attacking line abandons head coach Marcus Freemanrepeated requests to dress for the occasion and generally play sleeveless.

There was nothing surprising in this. The standard that a sixth-year right-back maintains so consistently Josh Lagg and fifth-year left back and two-time captain Jarrett Patterson it is both a mentality and a basics, and this mentality will never allow a seeming display of weakness due to wearing long sleeves. Irrational? Perhaps, but not surprisingly.

“For us linemen, it will never be sleeves,” Alt said. “… It is also a way of thinking. It will be cold, everyone is cold. You don’t want it to affect your game. The cold will be there, it’s there for everyone, but let’s just put it out of our minds and go play.”

Fair. Not entirely logical, but the focussing and motivating aspect of this coldness can be noteworthy. But no more.

Then Notre Dame gave Alt every conceivable possibility of trust.

The Irish offensive line is regularly left alone after practice to practice a few more drills, another example of this long-standing “standard”. Apparently, at some point last week — Notre Dame practiced outdoors two out of three days in the middle of the week — the offensive line finished their training and made snow angels, put a helmet on a snowman, and had an all-out snowball fight. All, of course, sleeveless.

Lugg of Pennsylvania (#75) became one of the tallest snow angels ever known, his 6ft 6⅞ build repelled snow. Illinois native Pat Coogan (#78) helped Michael Carmody (No. 68) with a snowman. Indiana native Ashton Craig (#70) drilled Alt with a snowball.

Those idiots really enjoyed the snow. Alto did not rage after the defeat. If he unexpectedly lingered in South Bend for his senior season and the college football playoffs smoothly expanded, an unprecedented thought, ahead of the 2024 season, the thought of playing the playoffs on campus would clearly bring joy to Notre Dame’s offensive line. .

They might try to act like it’s going to snow in Los Angeles next week.

“Today we will look back and look at the past week of our preparation and say that next week there will be no snow game, but two out of three days this week we went outside because that’s the mentality,” Freeman said. “We’ll be tough.”

First shot from the fight.

Past descriptions like this one were glib, precise, but empty. This was not a “starting” moment a la Bowling Green in 2019. More like a running back sophomore Logan Diggs51 yards in the first play of the game set the tone and immediately made it clear that Notre Dame could blast through Boston College with reckless vigor.

A pair of bad shots stopped traffic inside the 10-yard line, leading to Blake Groupe’s first of three field goals, but the point was still scored. The Irish would dominate not only the Eagles’ line of attack, but also on both sides of the trench.

“Five people just last week told me, ‘Logan, you’re going to have a big heat wave,'” said Diggs, the aforementioned Louisiana native, who was less enthusiastic about temperatures than Alt. “I just thought, ‘I hope so.’

“First game in the game, they blocked it well. I had the perfect opportunity to leave as I ran like I didn’t want to come down.”

Diggs, who broke that game, confirmed Notre Dame’s offensive approach. A week ago, a Navy all-out attack in the second half caused a lot of trouble for the Irish quarterback. Drew Pine and strangled the running game. Initially, Freeman intended to adapt if Boston College adopted a similar defensive strategy.

“One of my keys,” Freeman said, “is either run the ball or make them pay.” “What happens if the team doesn’t let you run on the ball, they bring nine people into the box? You must make them pay. They’re playing clean and they’re pressing, you have to throw the ball.”

Freeman headed for an insulting encounter with such a thought process. Then he heard from the offensive coordinator Tommy Rhys.

“Coach Reese said something like, ‘We’re going to control the ball, there’s no other way,'” Freeman said. “I said, you know what, right. So we went to the Friday night meeting, I said, “Look, we’re going to kick the ball and make them pay.”

In particular, Notre Dame dribbled in the second quarter and made Boston College pay. In 19 offensive games, he ran for 112 yards 12 times and had two touchdowns.

“We had to control the ball,” Freeman said. “I don’t care that they play defensively. I don’t care if they bring everyone they had, like the Navy, we’ll have to find a way to control the ball.”

corner defender Benjamin Morrison he may not be remembered for making the All-American freshman team. He could be on you All American team. With five steals in his last two home matches against the Irish, Morrison is now one of the nation’s top picks. Ahead of the Miami Only Weekend Camren Quinchens there were more interceptions with six. He didn’t add one this weekend.

“He finds a way, he keeps finding a way,” Freeman said. “He is a talented young man.

To hear Morrison go through his interceptions, the denouement changes. His first practice was during a grapple practice initiated by defensive line pressure, with Morrison “pressing” himself against the receiver when he was being practiced. The second was an instinctive delay. The third came thanks to a ball that had too much air under it, perhaps hard to see in the turmoil, but other than that it was easy.

Notre Dame has scored in their first eight possessions. His ninth stalled at the 10-yard mark, spinning downhills in the snow. Only on the 10th Irish possession Harvard handed over to the player John Soth get some job.

Meanwhile, 10 of Boston College’s 11 holdings must be credited to the failure account.

In other words, Notre Dame controlled 90.5% of the game. The remaining 9.5% was wasted, not to mention that it came at a time when Lugg would rather make a snow angel and Diggs would rather drink some hot apple cider tucked away.

“Just fun,” Morrison said when asked to sum up a day in the snow that saw Notre Dame recognize 25 seniors. “Arrange such a game with the elders, not to mention mine …


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