How bright is your team’s future? Ranking the top MLB prospects for all 15 NL teams


Last week, I ranked the top 100 MLB prospects and all 30 MLB farm systems preparing for the 2023 season. Now it’s time to delve into my team rankings, from the National League to the American League rosters later this week.

A quick reminder of a key term you’ll see on team rosters: Future Value, shortened to FV, sums up a player’s value into a single number. He is rated on a scout scale from 20 to 80. A low-level everyday player has 50, which translates to 2.0 WAR; a player with a position well above average, starting number 3, or a nearby high class player is 60 or somewhere around 3.0 WAR. I will refrain from throwing out 80 points to minor league players because that would mean one of them would have to be one of the best players in baseball.

While the top 100 is just that long, I rank every prospect that gets an FV score of 45+ or higher, so that rank is included in the team rosters. For each team, there are reports of the top 10 prospects, and then a varying number of others depending on the strength of the system. In general, it will be better than 40 FV and then selected interesting prospects that are 40 FV.

Now let’s move on to my 2023 NL rankings.

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Netherlands Central: CHC | CIN | MIL | PIT | STL
North Carolina West: ARI | QTY | LAD | SD | SF


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