How have midseason NBA superstar trades worked out in the past?

Is chemistry the reason no NBA title winner has added a player to center midseason since the defending champion Houston Rockets traded Clyde Drexler in 1995?

Of course, teams traded role players en route to other championships, including the Detroit Pistons adding Rasheed Wallace on a trade deadline in 2004, and more recently, the Toronto Raptors picked Marc Gasol in 2019 and the Milwaukee Bucks acquired PJ Tucker in 2019. 2021.

However, none of those deals were like the blockbusters we’ve seen this week, with Kevin Durant moving to the Phoenix Suns and Kyrie Irving moving to the Dallas Mavericks. Phoenix now has a second chance at winning the title. at Caesars bookmaker, the question of whether a mid-season star swap is devastating to playoff success is as relevant as ever. So let’s dig.

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In addition to the main question, this week’s inbox also covers questions about the historical number of NBA mid-range teams and the most successful players in recent years.

What does history say about big mid-season deals? Not about adding PJ Tucker, but about trading for Kyrie. Or any deal where you get a starting player who is in the top 3 on your team in usage. Seems hard to win four playoff series with all these changes? Maybe I’m wrong.”



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