It was just over two years ago when J.P. Star was a freshman at Scarborough High School, a public school in Maine.

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He was 6 feet 3 centimeters tall, played junior college basketball and, according to him, lost confidence because he could not make much progress on the university team.

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“I remember that year I lost a lot of confidence in myself, because, you know, I stopped by just to see [varsity] games on the bench, but they don’t really play. Towards the end of the year I had a couple of minutes here and there but there wasn’t really much I could do and it just pushed me to become the player I am now.”

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That motivation, plus a late growth spurt that has added eight inches to his frame over the past two years, has been the foundation for him now being one of the hottest prospects in the 2023 national class.

In fact, just about ten days ago, he said, he was playing video games with friends when he received a message from head coach Duke. John Shayer asking if he is available to call. He answered the phone and heard that Duke was offering him a scholarship.

Kansas did the same a few days later.

Of course, Estrella already has a lot of big offers. Syracuse set a precedent last August when they accepted him into their annual Elite Camp and immediately thereafter offered him a scholarship, becoming not only the first high school, but even the first Division I school to do so.

Since then, many others have followed suit, and now there can be no other promising player in the country who has become stronger over the past year.

Now that there are so many to choose from, Estrella is trying to visit as many schools as possible while trying to narrow down her list while still being open to new potential suitors.

“I have already started cutting it. I think I have already reduced it to almost ten,” he said 247, “but still, maybe I will get one or two offers, maybe later.”

Estrella is also making the most of the current NCAA rules regarding official visits. He has already seen Marquette and Tennessee and plans to visit Iowa and Duke before the start of the July recruitment. Once August rolls around, he’ll be allowed five more under current NCAA rules, and looks like he’s open to using all of them.

“I would probably like to do it before the start of the season at Brewster,” he said.

From Scarborough’s junior varsity team to his blue-blood selection in less than three years…it’s been the journey of the Middlesex Magic and Brewster Academy. J.P. Star.