How the NBA trade deadline impacts future draft classes

The NBA Trade Deadline secures several blockbusters. And while fans are rightfully obsessed with the immediate consequences of these transactions, the front offices that arrange them should usually be much more aware of the long-term consequences.

The draft pick is one of the most valuable assets in building an NBA roster. While fans and even current NBA players don’t always place a lot of importance on elections that might come up in five or six years, front-office decision makers should, or at least should, do so.

247Sports spoke to the former NBA general manager to find out what these executives are thinking.

“You are trying to at least look a few years ahead, from the point of view of perhaps a random special player. In 2019, was anyone other than the Pelicans front office thinking about Victor Vembanyama? Certainly not in the way the media reported about these deals,” he said.

However, predictions for the future are not limited to the potential talents of generations. NBA front offices often try to predict the collective quality of a draft years into the future, while recognizing that it is an imperfect process.

“We’re trying to predict the strength of the high school class and therefore what year we want to load with drafts,” the former general manager explained. from the draft class in the future.”

With that in mind, here’s a look at how the future NBA draft classes could shake things up.


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