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How to watch Notre Dame vs Boston College today on NBC No. 18 Notre Dame vs Boston College: TV, Time, Preview & Predictions Things To Learn: The legacy of Notre Dame’s senior class will not be decided vs Boston College, but in years to come And In That Corner … Familiar Boston College heads to Notre Dame riding high but ailing Notre Dame’s Senior Day to be a snowy, festive honor, but not a definitive choice

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The Notre Dame Fighting Irish complete their home season this week against the Boston College Eagles on Saturday, November 19th. Day of the Seniors live streaming begins at 2:30 pm ET on NBC. See below for more information and how to watch/stream Notre Dame vs Boston College.

Although the Eagles are feared by Irish fans due to their 1993 and 2002 runaway defeats, Notre Dame leads the all-time series 17–9 and won eight games in a row against Boston College.

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18th Irishman (7-3) after a 35-32 victory over the fleet last week. junior defender Drew Pine posted the best record of his career at Notre Dame, throwing four touchdown passes in the first half and adding an 11-yard scoring run, however, the offense was subdued in the second half as Pine was sacked five times.

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Despite disappointing victories this season against stronger opponents, namely the then No. 4 Clemson, then – No. 16 Syracuse and then-No. 16 BYU, the Irish struggled against weaker unranked teams. Thinking about spread, Notre Dame is 0-4 ATS when hitting more than a touchdown, losing both to Marshall and Stanford.

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The Irish focus this week will be a victory, but on top of that, in honor of their elders.

“We have 25 guys who will be honored for their last game at Notre Dame,” the head coach said. Marcus Freeman Monday said. “That’s where a lot of the motivation and focus will be on making sure we finish this home regular season the right way for these seniors.”

This past weekend, the Eagles (3-7) scored their first win over a top 25 opponent since 2014, beating No. 16 North Carolina State 21-20. Sophomore Quarterback Emmet Moreheadplaying in place of an injured starter Phil Yurkovetscompleted a two-yard touchdown pass to receiver Joe Griffin with just 14 seconds left.

“No one seemed to want to leave the locker room,” said the Boston College head coach. Jeff Hafley said. “It was like we had to walk around and tell everyone, ‘Let’s go, go to the buses, go to the plane.’

“So we probably spent more time than I’ve ever seen just with guys who didn’t want to leave. The locker room was emotional. The guys danced, the guys hugged. Some of the guys had tears in their eyes. The guys were screaming. It was a very, very cool experience.”

How to watch Notre Dame vs Boston College:

  • Where: Notre Dame Stadium in Notre Dame, Indiana
  • When: Saturday, November 19 at 2:30 pm ET.
  • Live broadcast: NBC

How to watch Notre Dame football on Peacock:

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Despite being in the Midwest, in northern Indiana and close to the Great Lake, Notre Dame rarely plays host to really cold or snowy games. His most famous occasion, a 1992 Snow Bowl victory over No. 22 Pennsylvania State, was characterized by 30-degree temperatures and little to no noticeable snowfall.

This last-minute victory was taken three decades ago this week, so today’s approach to it is quite appropriate. The No. 18 (7-3) Irishman will face a smaller opponent at Boston College (3-7) but in weather more apt to describe a snow globe.

“We are going to play outside, dress warmer and go to play,” said the head coach. Marcus Freeman Thursday said. “If you’re trying to be a tough guy, there are no cold tough guys, and you better be a warm tough guy. Make sure you are dressed appropriately.”

In other words, 20-degree temperatures and about an inch of snow expected throughout the day, mostly in the afternoon, are not bad weather unless you are wearing bad clothes.

Many opponents of Notre Dame might flinch in such an environment. The thought of the 2010 Sun Bowl comes to mind. But the Eagles shouldn’t be such a foe, even though more than five inches of snow greeted their arrival on Friday.

It will be the coldest game at Notre Dame Stadium since the Irish victory over BYU in 2013 (26 degrees), if not longer (Navy in 1991, 24 degrees).

According to Notre Dame’s sports information department, there have been only five snow games at Notre Dame since 1930.with the Irish 5-0 in them.

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TIME: 2:30 pm ET. As of Saturday’s early hours, weather forecasts suggest that snow in South Bend won’t resume until noon. Otherwise known as, right about starting.

Tuning exactly to 2:30 is usually not required. The pre-game atmosphere gives the home crowd eight to nine minutes to get used to.

But this week, tuned in to 2:30 sharp, viewers will be able to see the end of the Day of the Aged celebration as Notre Dame recognizes 25 seniors before it begins. The fact that a player is given such a moment does not mean that he will go somewhere else after the season, but it should be taken as a clear sign of it.

TELEVISION: NBC has a broadcast, although it can also be streamed on Peacock via by clicking on this link RIGHT HERE.

PREVIEW: The speculation of snow and cold can trigger immediate thoughts of a dash-oriented game. Boston College can’t function like that. Every time the Eagles launch, they drop .127 points from their expected bottom line, ranking 115th in the nation.

Boston College has endured a range of injuries in their offensive line to the point where one might wonder which offensive coordinator John McNulty made to piss off a ghost Joe Moore. Yes, that’s former Notre Dame coach John McNulty.

The Eagles had to effectively give up ground play, gaining just 3.66 yards per carry (including sacks) and 92.2 yards per game. Although it upset NC State’s No. 16 last week, Boston College ran just 31 yards on 18 tries.

Usually this “sacks adjusted” note is just a voiced annoyance that the NCAA insists on counting sacks among the rushing stats, but in this case sacks should also be emphasized. The Eagles gave up five sacks for a 32-yard loss last week against the Wolf Pack, so officially Boston College rushed one minus one yard.

The Eagles have given up 39 sacks for 308 yards this season, including five sacks in each of their last three games. Quite frankly, Notre Dame’s second-line defensive line should worry the Boston College quarterback. Emmet Morehead more than Connecticut could ever bother Morehead and/or Phil Yurkovets.

Morehead replacing Yurkovek didn’t make the Eagles’ problem any easier. A former Notre Dame passer-by is struggling not only with multiple injuries, but also with a concussion…


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