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How Tre Nixon went all-out to develop chemistry with Mac Jones

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Pats VR, a sophomore, did his best to develop chemistry with Mack Jones. originally appeared on NBC Sports Boston

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When you’re selected in the seventh round of the Draft and trying to get into the NFL roster, you’re ready to do whatever it takes, even if it means flying across the country at a moment’s notice.

That’s exactly the situation Tre Nixon found himself in this offseason. The New England Patriots sophomore was training in his native Florida when the quarterback called him. Mac Jones, who organized the throwing session in Del Mar, California.

Nixon did not hesitate to hop on a cross-country flight to join Jones and his fellow Patriots far from Nelson Agolor at Del Mar. for several days of training at the end of June.

It’s a long drive, but it was worth it for Nixon, who joined our Phil Perry on the new Next Pats podcast to explain why it’s so important for wide receivers to develop personal chemistry with their quarterbacks.

Next Pats Podcast: Tre Nixon did his best to develop chemistry with Mack Jones | Listen and Faboutshort | Watch on YouTube

“I feel like chemistry is everything when it comes to quarterback-receiver relationships,” Nixon Perry said. “Just constantly (running) the routes, tossing the ball to each other, knowing this certain look, when I do a fake head like this, I go there. Knowing your speed across the field. That chemistry is everything.”

Nixon was eager to work with any Patriots quarterback this summer, be it Jones, Brian Hoyer, or rookie Bailey Zappe. But he made the most of meeting Jones and Agolor, spending time with them off the pitch as well.

“If any of them wanted to quit this offseason, I was going to try and get my ass out and be there,” Nixon Perry said. I’m just happy to meet Mac in Del Mare, California – a beautiful area and we have a lot of good work.”

“You’re in Del Mar, California, so you should see what it’s like,” Nixon added. “9… We ate at a bunch of cool, nice places and also went to the beach. Nelson was there too, and he had a couple of people there, and he kind of showed me that Del Mar. I’m a Florida boy, but I I definitely fell in love with California.”

Perry: Versatile Patriots veteran looks to be finding his place

Nixon faces an uphill battle to break through the 53-man roster in a crowded receiver group that includes Kendrick Bourne, DeVante Parker, Jacobi Meyers, Agolor, Tyquan Thornton, Lil’Jordan Humphrey, Christian Wilkerson and recently signed Josh Hammond. The 2021 seventh round pick will most likely return to the practice team.

But it does help earn the starting quarterback’s favor, and Nixon has another advantage in that regard—his locker is right next to Jones’s.

“It’s always helpful if I’ve ever had questions along the route or needed help with a particular game,” Nixon said of his assignment in the Patriots’ locker room. “… It definitely helps. If I need a “Mac, what can I get for this?” or “We’ve watched this play, what do you see?” Of course it’s very good.”

Perry also spoke to Andrew Jamiel, a fan-controlled football league wide receiver who got a tryout with the Patriots with the help of star quarterback Richard Sherman on the Next Pats podcast. Subscribe here or watch the full episode on YouTube below.


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