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Ibai Llanos: “Fighting in the Evening of Year 3 will be a great change in my life”

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EHearing Ibai Llanos talk about sports is witnessing first-hand the satisfaction of a proud father. From its beginnings on Twitch, the Basque streamer opened the doors of his channel to sports, with the Year 2 Evening undoubtedly being the high point of a path that presents dozens of examples. Ibai’s career, always linked to sport, both electronic and traditional.

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It will be on Saturday June 25, 2022 when Twitch again paralyzes the global sports scene, with an event that presents unprecedented expectations. International artists such as Duki, Rels B or Bizarrap will serve as luxury opening act for the true protagonists in the ring of a historic night: Spursito, Carola, AriGameplays, Paracetamor, Viruzz, Momo, Luzu, LOLiTO FDEZ, Mister Jagger and David Bustamante.

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Padel, soccer, ping-pong and boxing are just some of the disciplines in which Ibai Llanos has emphasized during his public life, but without a doubt it is the latter that has invested the most. Ibai Llanos presented himself to the Marca Gaming cameras as “passionate about sports”because since he was a child he has always liked “living it, seeing it and also narrating it”.

The Evening of Year 2, product of the passion for sport

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The Year 2 Evening is the most outstanding example of this passion, which Ibai also values ​​as a challenge: “It is a very big challenge for people who are not used to practicing sports in such a regular way. They are used to being behind a screen, usually playing video games. People like to see more things than our house and on top of that if it’s a tough sport like boxing, where you hit and take hits, people are very impressed.”

The first hook of Ibai Llanos linked to sport was the 2021 Boxing Evening, but that success valued at a peak of viewers of 1.5 million viewers did not take away his motivation for the second edition: “All the participants who attended last year said that it had been a hard process but that, without a doubt, at the level of the habits they had been having during those months, it had helped them a lot”.

It is the event that has cost the most to organize, both organizationally and financially. It has been the one that has cost us the most and it is also normal. Tried to do the best possible. The idea is to improve year after year. All the participants wanted from the beginning, 99%”, commented Ibai Llanos regarding the Evening of Year 2.

Ibai Llanos, confessed madridista

His “madness” for sport began when he was “little”, when he became a Real Madrid fan: “I have always been from Real Madrid. What happens is that I started a project with Gerard Piqué, I live in Barcelona, ​​I have a good relationship with the Barça players, also because of the issue of Messi’s dinner and others, but I always I have been from Real Madrid”.

Everyone knows Ibai Llanos’ good relationship with FC Barcelona and its members, but the Basque streamer would be more than willing to organize an event with the club of his life: “Those who have known me since I was little know: If one day the opportunity arose, I would like to cast a Madrid match. Not only commenting on something about Madrid, but also doing any type of collaboration“.

Sports, KOI and esports, two sides of the same coin

Sport is sport and Ibai Llanos does not see so much difference between traditional and electronic, especially because of the sensation that these arouse in both players and spectators. “Esports is the second thing that I am most passionate about, what I am most passionate about along with sports. I was a League of Legends narrator for 5 and a half years, I was covering a lot of events traveling throughout Spain”.

“Esports has changed my life, also because of all the people I’ve met. I thought it was the right time to have my own club. I had all the conditions to be able to do it and for me it has been a spectacular adventure“, Ibai Llanos commented on the foundation together with Gerard Piqué of KOI, a recently created club that currently participates in different disciplines of the Professional Video Game League.

In this same league Ibai Llanos cast weekly not so many years ago. This time he has allowed him to mature: “What has changed is that I am a person with more experience, more mature in many ways. Obviously, I still make a lot of mistakes, but thanks to all the support of the people I have been able to get to places where I expected to be“.

The potential historical photo of the Soiree of the Year 2

Invitations to the Year 2 Soiree have gone out and even the biggest streamers on Twitch have RSVP’d. This opens the possibility for a historical photography for the scene, filled in by Rubius, TheGrefg, AuronPlay and Ibai Llanos himself. The spotlights of the historic night will begin in the red carpet, from 18:00 CET.

“There will be many streamers because they want to. I am super grateful that the event seems attractive enough to them to leave home and come to an event, because for them It is usually complicated, mainly because they are like superstars and they are people more used to having a quiet life.“.

The versatility of the Ibai Llanos team

Ibai Llanos is as impressive as the entire team that hides behind his silhouette. However, the Basque creator has no problem highlighting his cast: “The team I have around me is impressive. I am very happy with the people I work with. Year 2 Soiree is a special event because she is part of my team and we have a contracted team.but we have a lot of outside help.”

Duality works perfectly for Ibai Llanosin a mutual growth at a professional level that does nothing more than enhance the gifts of each of the parties: “Some 200 people have gathered behind the cameras to be able to carry out the Evening. We are a duo that is working very well and I think I have a spectacular team. We try to help each other“.

The future of communication, in doubt

For Ibai Llanos, the future is based on a beautiful combination of factors, where tradition merges with progress to better reach people: “Traditional communication continues to work for me, but you have to adapt to the new media that are emerging, such as TikTok, YouTube or Twitch. Most of the media are doing it, they are adapting.”

Will Ibai Llanos fight in the Evening of Year 3?

“Yes”. The answer everyone was waiting for. Ibai Llanos had been flirting with this statement for months, and the clarity has been revealed to the microphone of Marca Gaming: “This whole cycle of the Evening of the Year I guess it will not end with my fight, but it is something that has to happen. That the host of the Evening of the Year fights sends a very good message.”

The commitment is accompanied by a major challenge that can undoubtedly mark a before and after for Ibai Llanos: “I think it could be a big change in my life. On a professional level, I think I would have to sacrifice many things. On a physical level it will be a brutal change. The day of the Year 3 Soiree for many people would be shocking. It has to happen and it will be a lot of fun.”

Ibai Llanos and Óscar Tejedor.


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