If Aaron Rodgers returns, he needs to be all in, all year


In early 2008, the Packers told quarterback Brett Favre that they needed to see if he would return for another season as soon as possible. Favre decided to retire.

Packers will send a similar message in early 2023 Aaron Rogers?

And it could be more than just asking Rodgers if he wants to play. To get the most out of another season from Rodgers, the Packers need to know he’s fully prepared. That he is willing to, for example, appear in the off-season program to help the host team feel more comfortable and faster.

This is a remark made by Peter King on Friday PFT live. Given the obvious link between what Rodgers did at least in the 2022 offseason and the time it took for the team’s young wide receivers to settle in, the Packers would do much better if Rodgers fully participated in the voluntary phase of the offseason. .

So it won’t be unfair for the Packers to ask Rodgers in January 2023 if he’s willing to do whatever it takes in exchange for his permanent compensation in excess of $50 million. Really, for that much money, is it really out of the box to expect him to appear in the off-season program?

Of course, Rodgers must want to keep playing. He may decide to leave after a disappointing 2022. But remember: Brett Favre had a very bad year in 2006. It was the last time the Packers started 4–7 before this season. Favre returned for another year and had a great last season with the Packers.

If this is Rodgers’ last season with the Packers, it’s not great at all. And frankly, the team may need to know at some point before the end of the season if he’s ready to go all-in for 2023. Jordan Love to the balance of the season.

Source: profootballtalk.nbcsports.com