‘I’m internally crying’: Nasty conditions wreak havoc at St. Andrews on Friday

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To say that conditions on Friday at St. Andrews were terrible would be an understatement.

“100%,” Robert McIntyre said when asked if Friday was the best 2-under-70 throw he’s ever shot. “It got to the point where it wasn’t even golf.”

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During Round 2 of the Dunhill Links Championship, temperatures were in the high 50s, heavy rain and winds around 30 mph. The tournament started on Friday because of the weather.

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Sky Sports contacted Tyrrell Hatton during the round and asked him to describe the terms. And the Englishman, as usual, could not resist.

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“Honestly, I’m really miserable,” Hutton said. I laugh, but I think I’m crying inside. I just wish the time machine would just fast-forward the next two and a half hours to be warm and dry again.”

Hatton was then asked what was the hardest thing about playing under these conditions.

“Everything,” he said. “I try to keep the clubs dry, my hands dry. And then try to find out – the wind is apparently pretty constant today. But I’m trying to figure out how long the punches actually play.”

As for Matt Wallace, not only did he score 2 out of 74, but the weather caused numerous wardrobe and equipment malfunctions.

“It’s just cruel,” Wallace. told Sky Sports in the middle of the round. “I already had one umbrella – this is a new umbrella. Changed my jacket, just bought two more towels from the pro shop.”

And his thoughts during such a round?

“Hold on, just like I do with this umbrella,” he said. “Hold on dear life.”

But, of course, mother nature cannot be controlled, and sometimes you just have to put up with the blows.

“We just had to laugh,” McIntyre said. “I am soaked through, I have water in my boots. I just have to laugh all the way.”

Source: www.golfchannel.com

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