Receiver from Tennessee commits Nathan Leacock He has a brilliant start during his senior season and was a big reason Raleigh (NC) Millbrook’s star was upgraded to four stars by 247Sports.

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At 6’3″ and 200 pounds, Leacock was already well received as the 87th, which is at the higher level of the three starts. He is now the No. 29 receiver on 247Sports.

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So what caused Leacock to go from a lofty three star to a four star?

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It included a lot.

He remained consistent with his speed, running under 11.00 in the 100 meters, and he became a much bigger threat in Millbrook’s offense. Production is not the end goal, but it can make a big difference, and that was the case with Leacock. He threw 38 catches for 735 yards (19.5 years) and 10 touchdowns as a junior in 13 games, and this season he has 33 catches for 840 yards (25.5) and 13 touchdowns in five games.

In addition, Leacock improved key elements of his game.

“Obviously the combination of size and speed is in demand in just about every position, but especially in skill points and perhaps most at the wide receiver,” said 247Sports scouting analyst Gabe Brooks. “Leacock embodies this desirable combination: 6ft 3in, big frame in the 200lb region with impressive trail markers, including at least two 100m under 11.00s and a pair of 400s from 48.7 to 49, one. range.

“We were aware of Leacock’s measurable performance and prowess after his promising junior season and impressive performances on the club circuit last spring, but the big jump in the rankings to a 90 four-star club and possibly beyond has a lot to do with his career. improving the pitch through five games this fall.

“It’s noticeably more sudden laterally, playing with increased fluidity while also improving explosive twitches, which isn’t quite as easy. Its line speed is undeniable; he will take the upper hand off the opponent’s defense, but especially given his improved initial break. … He is quicker than in the past to get to the top of the defensive backs and show some encouraging nuances of the route: “In my personal opinion, Leacock seems to have a fairly high ceiling if his development continues in the right direction.”

The following intelligence report was added to Leacock’s intelligence report:

The large body type, coveted by offensive coordinators, creates problems in matches against smaller angles. Impressive speed on the track (less than 11.00 per 100 meters) translates into the field.

A highly productive player with a high touchdown to catch ratio. Tracks the ball well and has reliable hands. Plays with understanding of the field and has good body control. It adapts well to inaccurate transmissions.

Knows how to use size to position the body against smaller defenders. Demonstrates the ability to regularly win 50-50 balls. Has strength throughout the frame. Difficult to change route from the line of scrimmage due to size and strength. Is physical at the top of the routes. Can climb and is fixed and is a red threat zone.

Hard to shoot down after being caught. Knows how to place defensive defenders and keeps them off balance due to the ability to go deep. Shows an explosion after a catch to break through defenses and has the speed to end the game. Spectacular/acrobatic acts may look routine. Ready to play in traffic jams.

Improved route running but should continue to work on getting out of breaks faster. Not too elusive in the open field. In line for early playtime in the Top 20 program. Potential NFL Day 3 Draft with the ability to move up.