(Photo: Jim Hawkins/Inside Carolina)
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Isaiah Evans is one of the many big talents in NC State, ranked 20th in the 2024 247Sports rankings.

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If you haven’t met him yet, it’s long overdue: he’s a 6-foot-6 with long arms who can really hit basketball and has been compared to the former Hoops State star. Brandon Ingram.

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Now he has all the arms and legs, but he can just put the ball in the basket and play with an advantage in his game.

He scored 44 points, including seven triples in one game of 40-minute running hours (!) this weekend at the Southeast Regional, and he reached out to 247Sports to discuss who has been in contact since the contact period. started in the middle. June.

“I do reps, that’s what I do, it’s nothing new, it’s normal,” he said at first about his performance. “.

Schools in the Southeast and Midwest took notice and began to make contact with the outstanding player.

“I just got Auburn [offer]Charlotte, VCU, lots of interest from Ohio State, South Florida, and lots of interest from many Power Fives.”

Another big offer he received came from Illinois, the first big player to offer, and they kept in touch throughout the summer.

He talked about several schools in contact with 247Sports.

Auburn: “I know it Bruce Pearl great coach and I know they have a great program, it’s just a testament to my work.”

Illinois: “They said the same things that they like the way I play and that they will fit into their program. They’re known for getting guys into the league and have a great program, so I put that out of my head.”

North Carolina: “You have to keep seeing how I play, keep seeing how I play, and keep being productive, consistent, defensive and stuff like that.”

Ohio State: “They said they like the way I play, I’m very hard working, they have a tough program, all their guys work hard and I’ll fit in well with their program.”

The North Carolina Tar Heels and Duke Blue Devils haven’t made contact yet, but UNC had an assistant… Brad Frederick I’ll be following him this weekend.

“I would like to hear from any school that would like to have me,” he finished. “I am open to everyone.”