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It’s an Egg Bowl showdown between Ole Miss, Mississippi State after second round of 2022 Blessings Collegiate Invitational

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FAYETVILLE, Arkansas. In college sports, there is nothing better than competition.

And after the second round of the 2022 Blessings Collegiate Invitational, two opponents from the state have taken the top spot on the leaderboard as they prepare to clash in the final round on Wednesday.

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Ole Miss and Mississippi State are at the top and each program offers different things on Wednesday. For Ole Miss, this will be a big win for a program trying to get back to the top after winning the first national championship in any women’s sport in school history in 2021. For the state of Mississippi, this will be the second victory this fall. for the Bulldogs, trying to prove that they are one of the best teams in the country.

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“It’s nice to be able to succeed,” said Mississippi State coach Charlie Ewing. “It sounds very simple, but they will have to go out and compete hard.”

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The Bulldogs are two shots behind after the first 36 holes at The Blessings Golf Club. Mississippi State led after the first round, scoring 1 less, but in the second round of 18 points, the Bulldogs finished eighth in the Golfweek Sagarin rankings, chasing Ole Miss on Wednesday.

Not only does Ole Miss lead the team competition, senior Andrea Lignell leads the individual competition. Lignell, the senior, threw 3-69 on Tuesday and is now 4th in the tournament. She is two shots ahead of Julia Lopez Ramirez of Mississippi State.

Lignell said the big turning point was when the men’s team came in and followed the women’s team on the last six holes.

“It was just amazing. I really enjoyed it,” Lignell said. “We went out to see them yesterday, the last four holes. It’s so sweet that they just cheer us on and I love that. It’s great.”

The Blessings Collegiate Invitational has a different format, with 11 men’s and women’s teams coming together and playing at the same time. In addition, all five players of each team play together at the same time rather than facing players from other schools.

The team event also features Texas A&M, which finished second. Aggie is in 18th place, while Clemson and UCLA are tied for fourth with 23 points.

Individually, Lignell and Lopez Ramirez are being chased by Annika Borrelli of California with 1 point. For fourth place, a three-way tie between Chloe Clemson, Texas A&M’s Jenny Park and Arkansas’ Miriam Ayora by two points is up for grabs. Park, who is ranked fourth in the individual Golfweek Sagarin rankings, finished in the top five in her first two tournaments.


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The story originally appeared on GolfWeek.


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