It’s The Last Day To Save Up To $1,600 on Samsung’s The Frame TV


Samsung’s most iconic TV now Frame, and what sets it apart from the rest of the competition is the Art Mode feature. Instead of looking like a blank black screen when turned off, it can display a piece of art or even a photo of your choice. You can also pair it with a bezel (basically a bezel for The Frame) to make it look like a real work of art.

On sale by Cyber ​​Monday Samsung charges up to $1600 from The Frame and discounting the accompanying bezel bezel. It’s not last year’s model, but a 2022 Frame with some features that any tech (and art) lover will love.

You will find that Samsung offers an instant discount on every frame size, but by trading in suitable Galaxy smartphone You can also get up to $600 off. It means 32 inch mostly free and shoots up to $1,600 off a 65- or 75-inch frame.

The Frame (starting at $549.99, originally $599.99 at Samsung)

For 2022 models, Samsung has added an anti-glare coating on top of the QLED panel that allows content to be displayed in Artistic mode to look more like real works of art, and improve the reflection panel. It effectively removes any reflectivity from other objects, but most importantly, drastically reduces any reflection from light.

Forget the dusty TV screen – the Frame TV truly looks like a work of art. Samsung also offers an art subscription, and it automatically switches between different artworks on The Frame itself, including Mona Lisa and other famous works.

Frame 2022 Competes with other Samsung 4K TVs with a QLED panel that delivers visuals with vibrant colors, deep blacks, and an overall lifelike image that distorts colors. You also get instant access to streaming services—you’ll need your own logins for individual services—thanks to Tizen’s built-in smart interface.

Samsung is also including its new smart remote control with a solar panel on the back. So it can charge without the need for a USB-C connection as it will charge throughout the day. Most likely, you will not even need to connect it.

The kit includes a stand and a wall mount, the only thing left for you is to choose the size and add frames. Although the frame is not included, but, it’s also discounted…prices vary by size but are available in Beveled Brick Red, Modern White, Modern Teak, Modern Brown and Beveled White.

What sizes are our top choices? Well, 55 inches for $999.99. from $1499 pretty spectacular but $1000 rebate 75″ frame for $1999.99. it’s a more affordable way to get a big screen. The frame is also available in 32″, 43″, 50″, 65″ and 85″ sizes.

And now with an additional trade-in discount, you can buy a 32-inch virtually free!

To sweeten the deal, on The Frame’s product page you’ll find possibility of exchange. If you have an old Galaxy phone, you can get up to $600 off in addition to the instant discount that is currently available. And yes, that trade-in bonus only available for Cyber ​​Monday.

Prices are accurate and items are in stock at the time of publication.