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Jacob deGrom free agency buzz: Rangers appear very interested in Carlos Rodon, possibly impacting deGrom pursuit

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Carlos Rodon
Carlos Rodon/Orlando Ramirez – USA TODAY Sports

Here are the latest rumors and rumors surrounding Metz ace Jacob de Gromfree agency…

Nov. 23, 16:36

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The Texas Rangers are now “very interested” in an RHP free agent. Carlos Rodonreports SNY’s Andy Martino, who wonders who else will offer de Groem three years if the Rangers leave.

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It’s entirely possible that the Rangers could sign both Rawdon and deGrom, but it seems reasonable to believe that a touchdown by Rawdon in Texas would lower the chances of them signing deGrom.

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As for what Rawdon’s contract might look like, MLB Trade Rumors predicted that he would land a $140 million deal over five years, averaging $28 million a year.

Teams other than the Mets that have been linked to deGrom are the Atlanta Braves and Yankees, though Martino doesn’t believe deGrom will end up in the Bronx.

Nov. 21, 12:39

The Mets are “hopeful that deGrom will pick them,” SNY’s Andy Martino said.

According to Martineau, keeping deGrom remains a priority for the Mets, who are also exploring alternatives.

Among the possible alternatives Justin Verlander as well as Kodai Senga.

As for the Mets’ competition for deGrom, Martino reveals that four teams are linked to him, including the Mets. Other teams include the Texas Rangers, Atlanta Braves, and Yankees.

Martineau reported that the Yankees requested medical information on deGrom, but had not yet decided whether they would pursue him.

Nov. 15, 10:45

Because the Mets believe the Texas Rangers are “serious fans” of deGrom, New York is considering seeking a free agent. Justin Verlander and “get ahead” in pursuit of the Japanese ace Kodai Sengaleague sources told SNY correspondent Andy Martino.

The Mets will soon face Senga, who is in the United States visiting interested teams.

The idea of ​​signing a high-CAV deal with Verlander “was in the air at the Mets’ headquarters for months,” Martineau said.

While the Mets discuss going after Verlander and meet up with Senga, they continue to deal with deGrom’s camp, Martineau notes.

Nov. 15, 9:03

The Atlanta Braves would sign DeGrom “highly unlikely.” Ken Rosenthal of The Athletic reports.

According to The Athletic, the Braves “do not want to make a deal with any player who takes too high a percentage of their payroll” as their younger players will soon receive a pay raise.

DeGrom, 34, is expected to be looking for a deal that could outshine Max Scherzera record average annual value of $43.3 million. In this deal, Scherzer received three guaranteed years with an option to withdraw after the second season.

The Braves and Texas Rangers were seen as the two most likely landing sites for deGrom if he left the Mets.

SNY’s Andy Martino recently revealed that the Mets would be happy to re-sign deGrom and could make a strong offer early in the process, but could turn down a four-year deal with a high average annual cost.

Nov. 10, 10:40

DeGrom told the Texas Rangers that he wants to sign with them. reports John Heyman of The New York Post.

However, Heyman suggests that Carlos Rodon may end up being a better fit for Texas.

SNY’s Andy Martino reported earlier this week that the Mets are considering the Rangers and Atlanta Braves as two teams that could sign DeGrom from them.

Metz GM Billy Eppler said on November 9 that the team and deGrom had a conversation about his return.

Martineau said earlier this week that the Mets would likely make a strong early offer for deGrom but might be hesitant to guarantee four years for significant sums.

Nov. 8, 20:30

Metz GM Billy Eppler told the media at GM meetings in Las Vegas Tuesday that the team and deGrom were in talks to bring RHP back to New York.

Bye Eppler detailed the various negotiations so far, He also said both sides had a “pact” that they would be in constant contact this offseason.

“We want to keep in touch with each other and be very transparent with each other,” Eppler said of the deGrom camp. “They’ll have an idea of ​​what we’re doing and hopefully we’ll have an idea of ​​what they’re doing.”

Eppler said he doesn’t know how long the talks will last, but the team will continue to explore the free agent market and even the trade market in order to build their team for the 2023 season.

Nov. 8, 19:05

At a meeting with the general manager in Las Vegas on Tuesday, the Rangers general manager Chris Young told reporters as Texas gets closer to free agency, and they’ll be looking for pitchers.

“[Starting pitching] “Our No. 1 priority,” Young said. “We acknowledge the limitations we had, especially at the start of the rotation last year. This year, we’re going to put most of our resources into pitching.”

FROM Jacob de Grom According to SNY’s Andy Martino, if he opts out of his contract with the Mets, many teams will be bidding for his services, including the Rangers. John Heyman of The New York Post reported last week that the Rangers were looking to “cash in” on deGrom.

Martineau said on Tuesday that the Mets had made tentative contact with deGrom’s camp, but so far there has been no progress. Metz GM Billy Eppler said on Tuesday that it doesn’t make sense to talk about the timing of deGrom yet.

Nov. 8:55 p.m.

SNY’s Andy Martino told a GM meeting in Las Vegas on Tuesday that there had been tentative contact between the Mets and deGrom’s camp, but so far nothing had moved very far.

Martineau added that the Mets want to bring back deGrom but would be hesitant to offer four years if the other team offered four years for a very large amount.

Martineau said Monday night that he believes the Mets will make a “strong” early offer for deGrom, but that they won’t let deGrom “lead them on a free agent chase” to the bidding high.

According to Martineau, the Mets will offer what they think de Grom is worth, maybe a little higher, and be happy if he comes back.

Martineau added that the Mets are still unsure if deGrom wants to return and named the Atlanta Braves and Texas Rangers as the two teams the Mets are most worried about when it comes to who might sign deGrom.

As for the annual average, it was believed that deGrome would want to outshine Max Scherzera record deal that earned him $43.3 million a year. Martineau notes that it remains to be seen if the deGrom market will reach that level.

Nov. 7, 10:15

DeGrom officially announced the expected move Monday morning as two-time winner Cy Young opted out of the remaining two years of his contract with the Mets, making him a free agent.

The ace has said several times over the past season that he intends to forego a five-year, $137.5 million extension he signed in March 2019.

DeGrom was expected to make $30.5 million in 2023, and if he agreed, the Mets would have a $32.5 million team option in 2024.

October 28, 11:28

The Texas Rangers are about to “cash in” during the attack on deGrom. rival predicted to John Heyman of The New York Post.

The Rangers spent a lot of money last offseason, including paint. Corey Seeger as well as Markus Semyon to Mega Trades, and are now focusing on adding the starting feed.

There were rumors in the industry that deGrom might want to move to a team like the Atlanta Braves and play closer to his home in Florida than New York. Texas definitely doesn’t fit in that regard.

The Mets will try to re-sign DeGrom. Andy Martino of SNY reported earlier this month.adding that the club is unsure how aggressive the effort will be.

DeGrom is expected to achieve the highest average annual pitcher value ever, a record currently held by Max Scherzerwho is making $43.3 million a year from his current three-year contract with the Mets.

October 28, 9:12 am

Former Mets pitchers and current Philadelphia Phillies pitchers Zach Wheeler as well as Noah Sindergaard weighed in with deGrom on Thursday as they prepared for Game 1 of the World Series.

“He told me he was happy there” Wheeler told Mike Puma of The New York Post. “I just think he wants to be compensated for what he did.”

Wheeler added about the five-year, $137.5 million extension de Grom signed with the Mets ahead of the 2019 season:

“I don’t think it was the right compensation at the time,” Wheeler said. “I can’t speak for him, it’s big money and it’s life changing money and I think at the time anyone would have taken it. But at the same time, people saw what he did, and maybe you can fix it along the way, and this is his chance to fix it.”

Sindergaard told The Post he would be “surprised” if deGrom leaves the Mets:

“FROM Steve Cohen anything is possible, especially when you have a pitcher like deGrom – he has the potential and all that to be the best pitcher to ever walk this earth,” said Sindergaard. “I just hope he stays healthy.”

In another conversation about Sindergaard, before he got to the Phillies, he told the Los Angeles Angels that he would rather not be in Philadelphia or on any team in the same division as the Mets. reports John Heyman of The Post.

However, Heyman notes that Sindergaard now “likes” Philadelphia.


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