Jaguars OC Press Taylor: Trevor Lawrence’s toughness is ‘no question’


Trevor Lawrence’s chances of playing Sunday’s division game against the Tennessee Titans are in doubt after the Jacksonville Jaguars second-year quarterback missed practice on both Wednesday and Thursday.

Earlier this week Lawrence said he will play on sunday if he can, but it depends on the speed at which his toe is healing from a sprain sustained during the loss to the Detroit Lions in Week 13. On Thursday, offensive coordinator Press Taylor said Lawrence’s availability this weekend would have nothing to do with pain tolerance.

“I don’t think he never had questions about his toughness and his availability to the team,” Taylor said of Lawrence. “I think everyone is very confident that if Trevor plays, if Trevor has the ability to do it. There are times when we decide to protect the players from themselves. Same with Travis [Etienne]. There was a possibility that Travis would play against Baltimore and we decided to stop it just to protect him from himself.”

Etienne only had two touchdowns in a Week 12 game against the Baltimore Ravens before suffering a foot injury and missing the rest of the day. After the game, Jaguars coach Doug Pederson told reporters that Etienne was cleared to return, but the team kept him out of the game due to being overly cautious.

The Jaguars followed a similar script last week when they decided to declare Andre Cisco inactive, despite Pederson telling reporters a day later that “he was good” and staying away just in case.

The Jaguars will likely try not to do the same to Lawrence if they can. While the coaching staff (and even Lawrence) have expressed confidence in backup CJ Beethard, the reality is that the team’s chances of defeating the Titans will be greatly reduced if Lawrence is unable to play.

In 12 games this season, Lawrence has 17 touchdowns, 6 interceptions and a 92.8 passer rating, 12th among starting quarterbacks in the NFL. Lawrence has yet to miss a game in his NFL career.

The story originally appeared on Jaguars Wire.