Jake Gyllenhaal delivers wildest knockout of UFC 285 (for fictional movie)

Actor Jake Gyllenhaal (left) is detained by the referee after
Jake Gyllenhaal put on muscle mass for the role of a UFC fighter. (AP Photo/David Becker)

The following story contains potential spoilers for the upcoming Roadhouse remake.

The return of Jon Jones is the main story of UFC 285, but the former light heavyweight champion wasn’t the most famous person to step into the octagon on Saturday.

Between early tryouts and prelims at T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas, actor Jake Gyllenhaal appeared as part of filming for his upcoming Roadhouse remake, in which the Oscar nominee will play the former UFC fighter.

However, the film will apparently see a glimpse of that UFC career as Gyllenhaal faced another actor in a fake fight in which he allowed his opponent, former UFC fighter Jay Heron, to punch him in the face several times before responding. blow. flying knee and knockout. And then he went on to punch the apparently unconscious fighter in what would likely be how he would become a former UFC fighter.

The trial was not televised, but fans and reporters got the full picture:

It’s also worth noting that the original Roadhouse features a main character with a mysterious past, including killing a man, which could be what was supposed to happen there.

Gyllenhaal is fully dedicated to this role, including entering the octagon:

He also provided more details on his character on Friday at the weigh-ins:

It’s not the only way the Roadhouse remake will have some MMA flavor, as former UFC champion Conor McGregor is also part of the cast in an unspecified role.


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