Jake Paul, Floyd Mayweather involved in altercation outside Miami Heat game, Paul issues response

Jake Paul and Floyd Mayweather were involved in an altercation outside the Miami-Dade Arena following the Miami Heat’s game against the Cleveland Cavaliers on Wednesday.

The incident was filmed by someone close to Mayweather and later broadcast. TMZwho posted a video showing the confrontation.

According to the video, Mayweather and his team are approaching Paul, who is surrounded by a lone guard. The man holding the camera says, “Guys, are we going to arrest him?”

Then a man from Mayweather’s team asks, “Where are you running, Jake?” Paul begins to back away from the crowd of people around him. As the members of Mayweather’s team continue to scream, Paul eventually turns and runs away from the situation where several people momentarily give chase.

“Look, he’s running! Jake Paul is a running champion! Why is he running? shouted the man holding the camera.

It appears that security and others nearby defuse the situation, and Mayweather eventually turns and walks away with Paul already far away from him.

After the incident unfolded, Paul turned to an altercation at Instagramwriting that Mayweather and his team ambushed him outside the arena.

“So I’m leaving the Miami Heat game and Floyd Mayweather and 50 guys show up out of nowhere,” Paul said. “In some alley they are waiting for me outside the stadium. They’re like, “What’s up, what’s all this talk about now!”

“First of all, what did I tell you, Floyd? I just took your hat and you’re still mad about it? Come on bro. Then 50 dudes literally start surrounding me, trying to jump on me. I’m out of this bitch.”

Back in 2021, Paul famously ripped the baseball cap off Mayweather’s head after a press conference for the former boxer’s exhibition fight against Logan Paul. This incident nearly led to a completely different fight as Mayweather went after Paul for ripping his hat off his head.

According to a TMZ report, sources close to Mayweather claimed that he did not attempt to jump on Paul, but simply ran into him by accident after the basketball game was over. The confrontation allegedly arose from Paul’s comments about Mayweather, which apparently crossed the line of the usual trash talk between the fighters.

For his part, Paul made no excuses to run away from a potentially explosive situation. He was clearly outnumbered, with at least one member of Mayweather’s team repeatedly saying, “Let’s rip him apart.”

Paul, who recently lost his first professional fight via split decision to Tommy Fury, offered to fight Mayweather, but he won’t be in a street fight where the odds are definitely against him.

“Floyd, you want to take him one on one, no problem, but I’m not stupid,” Paul said. “I’m tough. I don’t have to prove my toughness, but I’m not fucking dumb. I’m not going to sit around and try to fight 50 dudes. Dipped out of that bitch.

“Floyd, you ah*bro. You’re mad because I took your fucking hat, are you serious? Deal with it, bro. Move on.”


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