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Jake Paul issues fiery ultimatum to Tommy Fury to finalize August fight; Fury responds

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Jake Paul is tired of waiting for Tommy Fury to sign up to fight him in August.

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The YouTube star-turned-boxer took to Twitter on Wednesday to issue an ultimatum to Fury after talks apparently stalled on booking a match for the fight. proposed date 6 August with an event scheduled at Madison Square Garden in New York.

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“Tommy Fury, you pulled out last year,” Paul wrote. “So now you agree to fight me, but your father is trying to get you out again?”

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“We gave you everything you asked for — a $2 million wallet, VADA testing, tampons. You have 24 hours to clear things up, otherwise I will never give you that opportunity again.”

All signs have pointed to Paul and Fury battling for some time after the Ohio native teased his return to action in August.

Paul was originally scheduled to fight Fury last December, but the British boxer and reality TV star was forced out of the fight due to an injury. Former UFC champion Tyron Woodley replaced Fury and ultimately suffered a brutal sixth round knockout loss to Paul.

Eventually, Fury booked another match in April where he went 8-0 in his career with a decision win over Daniel Botianski in an almost unremarkable six-round bout that was part of the undercard of his older brother Tyson Fury’s fight with Dillian Whyte. . .

Paul continued his rant in a separate post where he explained that he was told that Fury would not travel to the United States to fight without his father, John Fury, in his corner. According to Paul, a press conference to officially announce the fight was scheduled for the following week, which only added to his frustration over the delays in signing the fight.

“What excuse? “Oh I can’t come and can’t do it because my dad can’t be with me during the fight,” Paul wrote on Twitter. “Tommy, your father has been banned from the United States for 15 years. You knew it all along. He is a criminal. He is denied entry. When you fought Anthony Taylor in Cleveland, not a single Tyson [Fury] or your father was with you during your US debut. Now all of a sudden you need your team with you? It doesn’t make any fucking sense.

“You’re afraid. You claim to be a professional boxer but you don’t want to fight me? Who are you talking so much shit about? shit talk tommy you’re a fucking atypical professional boxer who doesn’t really want this fight to happen this is the biggest opportunity of your fucking life and you’re rummaging through your fucking bag again and i can’t believe how fucking stupid you are “Fucking idiot.”

For his part, Fury responded to the challenge, but there is no word yet if a deal has been signed.

Although Paul has been gearing up for a boxing match against Fury, he also recently teased his interest in fighting Nate Diaz, who is desperate to end his UFC contract with only one fight left.

Based on the hype surrounding this potential match, the bookies in actually announced bets on the fight between Diaz and Paul.

As it stands, Diaz will be a big favorite at -210 and Paul an underdog at +170.

It remains to be seen if this fight will actually take place in 2022, especially since Diaz continues to wait for the UFC to book him again so he can complete his contract.

As for the Fury fight, Paul seems adamant that he doesn’t wait any longer and he hopes to reach some kind of decision sooner rather than later to complete the deal by August 6th.


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