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Jake Paul vs. Anderson Silva predictions: Five reasons why the UFC legend will be victorious on Showtime PPV

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The fight between Jake Paul and Anderson Silva is the biggest test to date in Paul’s promising celebrity and professional boxing career. The stakes between Paul and Silva fluctuate, but some points may overlap. These two are going to throw themselves Saturday night at Glendale, Arizona Showtime PPV.

Paul did a masterful job of building up his opponents before knocking them down. He introduced Ben Askren to the general public as a world champion who had fewer losses than Conor McGregor, completely ignoring the fact that Askren never won a UFC championship and was one of the worst clean hitters in any major organization. He promoted former UFC Welterweight Champion Tyron Woodley as the ultimate juggernaut, defying the limitations of his one-shot explosiveness and four-fight downgrades, which led to his departure from the UFC.

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There seems to be a gap between boxing and MMA insiders. The first camp usually puts Silva on par with Askren and Woodley as mixed martial artists who don’t understand the ins and outs of boxing. The second camp recognizes Silva as one of the best hitters in MMA and a newcomer to boxing.

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Need to convince Silva to raise his hand to Paul? Here are five reasons to side with Silva on Saturday.

1. Silva studies sweet science

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There seems to be a misconception among members of the boxing community that Silva is just another MMA fighter masquerading as a boxer. This couldn’t be further from the truth. No sane person would suggest that Silva is a champion-level boxer, but sweet science is woven into the DNA of his MMA. Silva based his fighting style on legendary boxers Muhammad Ali and Roy Jones Jr. He took short breaks from MMA in 1998 and 2005 to compete in professional boxing. Following his departure from the UFC in 2020, Silva returned to the boxing ring for the first time in 16 years and defeated former WBC middleweight champion Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. Silva (3-1 in boxing) stumped Chavez Jr. (53-6-1, 1 NC) with movement and made him wobble with powerful counters. The fight was more decisive than the split decision would suggest.

Silva is one of the best strikers in MMA history. His head movements are legendary, regularly dropping his arms and using moves straight out of The Matrix. Paul is very new to boxing and relies heavily on his jab as his setup for crosses and hooks. Paul certainly has power, but such basic strategies will be exploited by Silva’s superior head movement, footwork, angles and feints.

2. Paul evaluates his opponent

Paul’s power should not be discounted. That being said, a factor contributing to his knockout prowess was the size advantage he has over his opponents. Paul usually weighs around 190 pounds for his heavyweight fights. Askren and Woodley weighed the same during boxing matches, but the difference in size was painfully noticeable. After all, Askren and Woodley both competed in MMA in the 170-pound division. Silva was a long-term UFC 185 lbs champion who competed successfully in the 205 lbs. Silva has a slight advantage in height, reach and weight, which should make a big difference in a fight.

3. Silva saves fuel

Paul’s sixth-round knockout against Woodley in their rematch saved the fight’s absolute slumber. It was exactly the result that Paul needed after 14 terrible boxing rounds. Of course, it’s worth noting that Paul’s forces are late, but both he and Woodley are terribly tired. Silva has a wealth of experience in completing 25 minutes in the octagon. While age will play a role for the 47-year-old boxer, Silva’s stamina has lasted through 24 minutes of boxing with Chavez Jr in 2021. Silva has a larger build and is an expert at finding corners. There is no overabundance of oxygen-producing muscles or over-reliance on load for punching. If Paul is restrained, Silva must take him apart. If Paul charges forward, Silva will be able to dust off the exhausted enemy.

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4. Silva has good and bad intentions.

Askren has been dismissive of Paul since the fight was announced. Woodley sought a payday that had eluded him in the UFC and took it all personally after losing a split decision in their first fight. Silva does it for the love of the game. His legacy is bulletproof and he competes because he loves it and because he’s still damn effective. Don’t expect Silva to take Paul lightly.

“I don’t need money anymore,” Silva said. Bad left hook. “People think money is important, but it’s not. Of course, I’m going to make money from this fight, because that’s my job. Don’t do things just for money. Work because you have passion. did and why I have been successful all my life.

“A lot of people say that Jake is no good, he is not such a good hitter. But for me, a fight is a fight and I train hard to win this fight. easy fight for me. Every fight is dangerous once you step over the ropes.”

5. Paul has a spider problem

Silva was not Paul’s first choice at this point in his development. Most likely, a battle against Silva was on the agenda, but for the reasons mentioned above, Paul and his camp were probably not going to cross this bridge so soon. Failed attempts to negotiate fights with Tommy Fury and Hasim Rahman Jr. killed the momentum Paul created after knocking out Woodley in their rematch. Paul has an endless supply of confidence, but one can’t help but wonder if the “Spider” is crawling somewhere in the deep, dark corners of Paul’s soul.


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