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Jasikevicius goes from Obradovic and it’s not

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In high-competition sport, only one can win. There is no room for the second, who automatically arrives with his train at the failure station. There is effort, dedication, desire and wish behind the runner-up. It cannot be said that Barça has not tried it in the final of the Endesa League. He collided with a superior team, physically and mentally (after the Euroleague battle), who played better

hear their tricks despite the casualties, a
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smart team that learned from so much KO
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during the bouts of the season that didn’t matter as much, the road to title fights. Y
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although the coordinates of the sport are these

Jasikevicius has taken his

first big blow as a coach.

With a template designed to the millimeter by him, with questionable casualties like that of


and flashy signings like


the ‘5’ of the European champion, Efes, for the future like Jokubaitis (a talent) and others who went wrong like the one from


(endorsed by the Lithuanian); with the impulse of

credit earned with the double

in his first year and, in general, with the wind in favor of the media affection he enjoys whatever he did, the

Lithuanian technician has squandered an empire


grandiose expectations

Because Barça, in September, was only worth the Euroleague. He did not win it nor the League. will they think

how is this debacle possible against your great rival
when four months ago you were miles away? What happened if everything worked more or less well, if also in Europe the Russians no longer competed? The injury of

it was painful in the plan, but Exum came, top 5 of the ‘draft’, and

worked great as an escort.

splendid, he has been MVP of the Euroleague, Nothing could go wrong.

He left


demanded by enormous expectations, squeezed his team at times of the season that did not solve anything.

And Barça has arrived ‘dead’,
in basketball jargon, to the final of the Endesa League. He was losing players along the way with his lurches: Kuric, Abrines, etc. Perhaps you should learn other lessons, not just that of regulating forces. Improve your speech towards the media, which hurts you in the locker room, and

change group management
. Players perform better when they don’t have a coach telling them what to do at all times.

Such a gifted staff cannot be under a yoke
. That combined with bad gestures and public criticism is a lethal combination, a Molotov cocktail.

To be Obradovic will have time. It still isn’t.


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