Jay Pal rocks the rim with flush – ESPN Video

0:21 Drew Pember makes u-1 fallDrew Pember makes u-1 fall14min0:17 Jamon Bucket Fight and1Jamon Bucket Fight115min0:23 Drew Pember rises for a big blockDrew Pember rises for a bigtime block16min0:19 Jay Pal rocks the rim with a flushJay Pal rocks the rim flush9min0:21 Drew Pember gets and -1 to fallDrew Pember gets and -1 to fall14min0:17 Jamon Battle with bucket and-1Jamon Battle with and -1 bucket15 min 0:23 Drew Pember climbs for a big blockDrew Pember climbs for a big block 16 min 0:19 Bracketology: So, this is embarrassing… Kansas is losing and they’re the new No. 1 seed overall. They’re close to the top between Alabama, Houston, and Kansas, but the Jayhawks have gained recognition in this update thanks to their unparalleled record in quadrant 1 (15–6).


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