Jerry Jones says Odell Beckham Jr.’s flight removal will not impact Cowboys’ interest: ‘We think he’d fit in really good with us’


FRISCO, Texas — The Dallas Cowboys continue to keep their eyes on Odell Beckham Jr.

They’ve been following the veteran receiver’s rehab, keeping track of his return schedule, and now they’re monitoring the flight he boarded and was taken off before takeoff.

Cowboys executive vice president Stephen Jones confirmed that the team had gathered information about the incident on Sunday morning, when Beckham was scheduled to fly from Miami to Los Angeles. Instead, Miami-Dade police escorted him before he took off.

Team owner and general manager Jerry Jones said the incident “didn’t change” the Cowboys’ interest in Beckham.

“His general compatibility with the team, his judgment, his behavior is not a problem for him,” Jones said Tuesday during his morning radio show on Dallas radio station 105.3 The Fan. “It is with many, but not with him.”

American Airlines confirmed in a statement to Sportzshala Sports that the customer was removed for not following the crew’s instructions and refusing to fasten their seat belt. Miami-Dade Police said they were “sent to an ambulance” after Beckham “was conscious and passed out” before leaving.

“Fearing that Mr. Beckham is seriously ill and that his condition will worsen due to the expected 5-hour flight, flight attendants called the police and rescuers,” the department said in a statement. statement to the NFL Network and others. “Upon the arrival of the officers, the flight crew asked Mr. Beckham several times to leave the plane, but he refused.”

Beckham’s lawyer called the incident “unnecessary,“, saying that his client “fell asleep with a blanket over his head, which is normal practice on long flights.”

It all unfolded against the background of the Cowboys’ stormy courtship of Beckham, Jones even said he was involved with Beckham on the day of his team’s Thanksgiving game against the Giants. The Cowboys plan to host Beckham on Monday, Jones confirmed, with possible dialogue earlier.

Odell Beckham Jr. was a key figure in the Rams.  run for the Super Bowl last season.  The Cowboys think he can do the same for them this season.  (Sportwire icon)
Odell Beckham Jr. was a key figure in the Rams’ Super Bowl run last season. The Cowboys think he can do the same for them this season. (Sportwire icon)

Beckham tore his left ACL on February 13 in the Super Bowl, his second tear to the same ACL in 20 months. However, the 30-year-old has been productive with the Rams since a mid-season move from the Cleveland Browns. Beckham threw five touchdowns in eight regular season games with Los Angeles, as well as two more in the playoffs.

Jones is dreaming of a similar scenario, seeking Beckham’s services to bolster the playoffs this season, not just increase Dallas’ receiving corps next year. Asked about reports that Beckham’s health could return in 2023, Jones said: “We have to have [him] this year.”

“It’s very important what we’re doing to make it impact this year,” Jones said. “This year should be a big part of it. This year, of course, we have six games of the regular season and the playoffs. [left]. We have almost a whole show ahead of us in our head.

“We need to have a situation where he can really contribute now.”

The Cowboys improved to 8-3 with a Thanksgiving victory over the Giants in which two of their best receivers, CD Lamb and Michael Gallup, had their best collective game of the season with 19 catches and 169 yards. Lamb displayed an impressive one-handed grip, while Gallup shone with controversial moves he hadn’t pulled since he tore his anterior cruciate ligament last spring. The tight and tight Dallas group also continue to threaten the defense; the group combined for 90 yards and three touchdowns, catching all seven of quarterback Dak Prescott’s goals in a victory over the Giants.

With a two-pronged attack from Ezekiel Elliott and Tony Pollard, Dallas’s problems stem less from a lack of talent than a lack of consistency.

They hope Beckham adds another element to hinder the defense by exposing as much to existing roster members as Beckham himself. Stephen Jones began moderating his comments on Monday.

“We’ve said what we’re going to say about Odell,” Steven Jones told 105.3 on The Fan. “Of course it comes down to this thing getting very competitive and probably the less said the better until we know what the outcome will be in terms of where it’s going to fit.”

Jerry Jones didn’t hesitate to discuss the wide receiver who caught 531 passes for 7,367 yards and 56 touchdowns in 96 career games. Jones answered five direct questions about Beckham on Tuesday morning.

“Very sincere, very competitive, feels confident, feels good,” Jones described his impressions. “I think he breeds confidence. And at the same time very, very easy to match. We think we’d like it a lot.”

The Giants, who selected Beckham 12th overall in the 2014 NFL Draft, are also interested in a possible reunion. Jones said he wouldn’t worry about Beckham visiting the Giants or any other pre-Cowboys franchise.

“Not at all,” Jones said. “I know what this area is, I know what Dallas is, I know what football means to this area. And I know that we are the most visible team. So from that point of view it’s very interesting.

“Everyone loves being a part of something that matters, and that’s the Cowboys.”

The Cowboys are currently two games behind the Philadelphia Eagles in the NFC East, the league’s top winning division. If the NFL playoffs started today, all four NFC East teams would take the lead.

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