Jets’ Allen Lazard calls Nathaniel Hackett “The best teacher I’ve ever had in my life”

Nathaniel Hackett was fired after just 15 games in his head coaching career last season, at the end of a disastrous year in Denver. But some of the players who know Hackett best are enamored with him.

Hackett is now the Jets’ offensive coordinator, and his past experience as the Packers’ offensive coordinator helps the Jets attract offensive talent. Aaron Rogers said this week that Hackett is one of the reasons he wants to play for the Jets and the new Jets wide receiver Allen Lazard enthused about Hackett at his opening press conference in New York.

Lazar played Hackett’s offense for three years at Green Bay and Lazar said he never had a coach of any football level or teacher at any school he ever attended that taught him more than Hackett.

“The best teacher of my life,” Lazard said of Hackett.

In fact, Lazar had his most productive season last year after Hackett left Green Bay for Denver, but it’s clear Lazar thinks Hackett set him up for success. And that he thinks he’s going to have a big year in Hackett’s offense in 2023.


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