The fourth week of the 2022 NFL season has been marked by high-scoring cases, amazing performances and, of course, trolling on and off the field.

The promotion also raised several questions, including: Should the Minnesota Vikings play more often in London?

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Minnesota has an excellent 3-0 record at many stadiums – Wembley, Twickenham and Tottenham.

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That game was the closest they had come to winning the Vikings in London as they survived the fourth quarter back and forth against the New Orleans Saints, in which Saints kicker Will Lutz hit a 60-yard field goal and lined up for 61 -yard. trying to link the game.

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Along with a 28-25 win, Minnesota also became Sunday’s first troll.

New York Jets 24, Pittsburgh Steelers 20

Ahead of the first week, the Steelers stated that “BBC black energyafter head coach Mike Tomlin donated the aforementioned sneakers to the team.

Unfortunately for Pittsburgh, that energy was short-lived and the team lost three games in a row. The Jets sent the Steelers a not-so-subtle reminder after their 10-point comeback victory.

Seattle Seahawks 48, Detroit Lions 45

As everyone predicted (but not), disaster struck in Detroit as the Seahawks and Lions have the most points and yards in the game this season.

Don’t let the Lions’ 1-3 record fool you because they currently lead the NFL in scoring, but it still wasn’t enough to stop Seattle from their first road win (and trolling) this season.

Buffalo Bills 23, Baltimore Ravens 20

The Bills trailed by as much as 17 points in the first half, but left the Ravens scoreless at halftime, recording their third-highest road win in franchise history.

The Buffalo Twitter account acknowledged the team’s heroism in the second half.

Los Angeles Chargers 34, Houston Texans 24

After trailing 21-0 in the second quarter, Houston scored three points in the second half to tie the game in the final frame. However, the Chargers’ 27 first-half points were more than the Texans after four quarters, and their social score increased accordingly.

Atlanta Falcons 23, Cleveland Browns 20

Marcus Mariota completed only seven passes on Sunday, but that was enough to win. The Falcons asked Super Bowl LVII halftime question Rihanna in a celebratory Twitter post after the game — and they may have to wait until February for an answer.