SANTA CLARA, California. “After a long offseason full of twists and turns, quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo returned to the San Francisco 49ers because he saw them as not only a comfortable team, but also a team that would set him up for maximum success in 2022. outside.

“You always have to think about it,” Garoppolo said. “As much as you strive for wins and things like that, you have to look into the future a bit, make contracts and all that. And I think everyone does it to a certain extent, and you have to be smart in that sense, but at the end of the day, I’m playing in ’49 right now and I’m happy about it.”

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Garoppolo’s happiness was shattered by a disappointing loss to the Denver Broncos on Sunday night, but his bank balance has improved since he returned to the starting role. Garoppolo played at least 25% of snaps in two games, earning an additional $500,000 for hitting that threshold and another $100,000 for participating in the win over the Seattle Seahawks in Week 2. He could earn another $350,000 if the 49ers beat the visiting Los Angeles Rams on Monday Night Football (8:15 pm ET, Sportzshala/Sportzshala2/Sportzshala+/ABC).

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“Now that you’ve said it, I feel good,” Garoppolo said after being told he made $350,000 for the Seattle win. “You don’t think about it outside. You’re in the game, you’re swimming with her, trying to prepare the guys, so I don’t know, I was in that mode, but yeah. is always a pleasant positive.

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As he is quick to point out, Garoppolo isn’t necessarily interested in the money – after all, the team has paid him nearly $124 million since he joined in 2017 – but it’s a nice bonus for a player who has agreed to cut his base salary from $24 million to $6.5 million to stay in San Francisco.

Of course, part of the reason for this agreement is that Garoppolo’s $26.9 million salary cap for 2022 did not include any guaranteed money. His revised deal guaranteed the full $6.5 million of base salary with the potential to earn up to $15.45 million if Garoppolo fulfilled all of his promotions. It also included a no-trading and no-tagging clause that gives Garoppolo total control over what happens to him in 2023.

Meanwhile, Garoppolo has a chance to win back a significant portion of the money that was cut from his contract when he agreed to stay in the bay. Here’s how he can do it:

  • For every game Garoppolo plays in an active game day, he earns $29,411, which adds up to $500,000 per season.

  • For every game in which Garoppolo plays at least 25% of offensive snaps, he earns $250,000. Since Garoppolo didn’t make it in the first week, the most he can earn this season is $4 million.

  • For every game Garoppolo meets with the above incentive and for the Nine to win, he receives $100,000. Since Garoppolo didn’t make it in either Week 1 or Week 3, the most he can earn this season is $1.5 million.

  • If Garoppolo plays at least 50% of offensive snaps in a playoff game, he will earn $500,000.

  • If Garoppolo plays at least 50% of offensive snaps in the NFC Championship Game, he will earn $500,000 and could earn another $500,000 if he is won by the 49ers.

  • If Garoppolo plays even 50% of the Super Bowl snaps, he will earn another $1 million.

All in all, Garoppolo still has an additional $8.5 million in incentives to earn this season. While that’s unlikely given that it will mean he’ll have to stay healthy and the Nines will have to win every game to the end to get it all, there’s no doubt that Garoppolo has plenty of room to add to his already solid bank account.

Not that any of this will change Garoppolo’s laid-back approach to his work.

“In fact, since we met him, he behaves like this in any situation,” said coach Kyle Shanahan. “That’s Jimmy and he’s trying to simplify things and not get hung up on all these things. And just trying to communicate with us. We communicate with him, and I think that’s why our guys love him. He’s been like that from the very beginning.”