JJJ posterizes AD with a putback jam – ESPN Video

0:23 Grizzlies fans excited after Jah Morant lane-oop1h0:30 AD returns to deny Morant in the ring5h0:28 Morant sends JJJ a pass without a look for a dunk5h0:17 Morant somehow drowns the circus and-15h0: 17 Grizzlies Fans Are Excited After Ja Morant Lane-Up1:30 A.D. comes back to deny Morant in the ring 5h0:28 Morant sends JJJ a dunk without looking 5h0:17 Morant somehow drowns the circus and-15h0:17 Shaydon Sharp puts Draymond on the poster 2:0:26 Cuminga takes off to score a big dunk over several Blazers 3:0:17 Another OKC mission for draft night, as well as the future of Wilt’s legendary record, the Thunder may have found the biggest draft theft of the season as the NBA goal race resurfaces for decades – long question. 19 hours Brian WindhorstAP Photo/Rick Scuteri


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