John Schneider, Pete Carroll praise Geno Smith’s perseverance and work ethic

Seahawks general manager John Schneider and head coach Pete Carroll spent Thursday praising the quarterback. Geno Smithwho rocked the NFL world by having by far the best year in his 10th NFL season in 2022, and who has now signed a new contract to remain the Seahawks’ starting quarterback.

Schneider has cited Smith as an inspiration to everyone in the building and to people across the country who have followed his career.

“I want to thank Geno,” Schneider said. “Jeno, I want you to know what an inspiration you have been to men, women, young and old across the country. Lessons about faith, perseverance, work ethic, how to be a good person. Watching you last year was amazing and I know you are very excited about the future. So thank you. Thanks for working with us.”

Carroll told Smith, who supported Russell Wilson for three years before becoming a starter for the Seahawks last year, was the leader Seattle needed in 2022.

“There were many years when Gino had to sit and wait,” Carroll said. “The revealed story of believing in yourself, being confident and trusting and never giving up is a clear illustration of how this happens. He always knew, we just needed to let it out. That’s what you did, Geno. You always knew you could do it, and when it happened and you had the opportunity to take the reins in your hands, you handled it so flawlessly. We were grateful that it happened. It was an explosion. We need to win a couple more games, we know that, we need to play a little better, but we still did a lot and you have achieved tremendous.

The Seahawks can still pick a quarterback and walk away from Smith in a year, but even if 2023 is Smith’s last season as a Seahawks regular, he’s already accomplished more in Seattle than anyone could have imagined when he arrived in as a double. compete just to get on the list. Smith survived.


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