Jon Rahm gets ‘arguably the best bounce I’ve seen in person’ en route to eagle

LOS ANGELES – There are good breaks… and then what happened to John Ram on the opening Friday at the Genesis Invitational.

After clearing a few mid-round errors, Ram came to life late in the second round at the Riviera, hitting three birdies on four holes before hitting his second on par-5

Ram had 270 yards to go to the hill and a decision had to be made. If he had tied, he would probably have floated down the green, leaving himself a tricky up and down. So he opted for his usual throwing form, the narrow pass, hoping that if he found a bunker on the green, it would be a straight out.

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But his five-beam approach disappeared more than he expected, clinking from the bottom of the right stand. The ball could have ricocheted anywhere, but it took a direct hit to the left, rounded the cavernous bunker, rolled over the edge and rolled down the slope, eventually coming to a stop about 3 feet from the Eagle.

Standing on the fairway, Ram covered his face in mock embarrassment.

“This is probably the best rebound I have personally seen in my entire golf career and will be hard to beat in the future,” Ram later said. “For those who are wondering, no, I didn’t call the bank. I don’t think that in such a situation, someone calls the bank.”

Ram landed an eagle putt, his second of the day, after starting his second round with an 18-foot shot into the first hole. Even with dismay at the latter, he signed with the 3rd under 68, which took him off the lead ahead of the weekend as world No. 3 seeks his third win of the season.

“I feel like as golfers we get a lot of bad breaks in our lives,” he said, “so to get one of these we have to cherish it because I won’t see anything like it for a long time.” .


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