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Jordan Addison says move to USC was only about football

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ANGELS – Jordan Addison said he didn’t know Southern California was his school until he set foot on campus during a recruiting visit in May shortly after entering the transfer portal.

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And award-winner Biletnikoff said that anyone who thinks his decision was about anything but football actually doesn’t know him at all.

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Addison understands that he left a grudge against Pitt, where he was the top scoring receiver in the country last season with 100 passes for 1,593 yards and 17 touchdowns. Panther trainer Pat Narduzzi strongly suggested that star players like Addison were affected by huge name, image, and likeness deals at prestigious schools like USC.

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Addison said these insinuations are untrue and disappointing.

“It was definitely disappointing, but I didn’t worry too much because the truth always comes out,” said Addison, wearing his new Cardinal No. 3 jersey. just extraneous noise.”

Addison has fitted in well with the Trojans, who are fully rebuilding a proud program after their worst season in 30 years. He will also play with extra motivation after Pitt’s grumblings and more outspoken insults from fans on social media.

“I definitely feel like I’ve taken some drugs because of the media,” Addison said. “But I love being the underdog and I’m always going to come out on top. I feel like it’s going to be a great story at the end.”

USC put together a great roster under the guidance of a freshman coach Lincoln Riley with active recruitment through the transfer portal at the same time, NIL deals are rapidly changing the sport. The connection led to a conflict with veiled anonymous accusations of hacking and unfair advantage directed against the Trojans.

Riley, Addison, and the other players become increasingly annoyed by the smearing of their characters as boot camp begins on campus.

“We have worked hard throughout our coaching career, my coaching career, to do everything with integrity,” Riley said last week on Pac-12 Media Day. “I think we basically did that throughout my entire career. When someone disputes it with no facts and only on emotion, yes, I mean, I think you take it personally. Absolutely right.

Addison’s move could have been the biggest off-season transfer in college football were it not for the move of his new quarterback. Caleb Williams, from Oklahoma to USC. Williams and Addison are both from Washington, DC, but Addison said they were nothing more than vague acquaintances until he chose the Trojans.

Williams’ talent was evident in USC’s off-season practice, but Addison missed the Spring Ball. This summer he participated in player-led training and the Trojans are already impressed.

“He’s a freak of nature,” said the running back Travis Dai, transfer from Oregon. “This man can run like a gazelle. I’m happy to go out and look at him in panty liners.”

Addison said he had no contact with Narduzzi or Pitt’s former quarterback. Kenny Pickett since he left. Pickett is in the NFL, and last season’s offensive coordinator and receivers coach also left Pitt, but Addison’s decision to try out at a different school was still seen as a betrayal by many fans.

Instead, Addison said he was drawn to the opportunity to play for Riley at what he hoped was a revamped college center.

“Only I already know Lincoln’s history and what he did with some great receivers is number 1,” Addison said. “And just to see how the changes and the recovery process are going here. I’m just glad to be here.”

Addison even managed to put on his favorite jersey number 3 after speaking with Heisman Trophy winner Carson Palmer, who gave his blessing to retire his former jersey.

Addison hasn’t been to the beach or many hotspots since arriving in Los Angeles, but he’s met at least one celebrity: he’s worked with Marquis LeeUSC receiver who won Biletnikoff in 2012 before playing for the Jacksonville Jaguars.

Since he would most likely only be in the city for one year, Addison told his new teammates that he would do his best.

“I just wanted to make sure they know what my intentions are and what I’ll be focusing on,” Addison said. “I didn’t come here because of the lights, the camera, the action and all that. I just wanted to make sure they know that I’m purely in business.”


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