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Jorge Molina: “I want my fourth consecutive promotion in my years in Segunda”

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Jorge Molina passed this past Friday through the Twitch channel of the program dedicated to Getafe‘Hora Azulona’, on the occasion of the fifth anniversary of the second rise of the azulón team to First division. The one from Alcoy reviewed this course under the orders of Bordalás, as well as the current situation after his descent in Granada.

Getafe fans

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“They have always shown me a lot of affection and it is appreciated”

Courage after relegation with Granada

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“Good. In the end it’s true that it was a complicated moment because of the situation, because of everything. It was a very cruel ending but well, this is a matter of getting up and facing the season with the utmost enthusiasm and with the challenge of going back up. Let’s go to try to get another promotion.

The two faces of football

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“That penalty marks you, and in that situation… it’s over and everything that means. This is that things have been done wrong before, not in that game. We have to accept it that way and accept our responsibility. It’s a question to get up with courage and desire to reverse the situation by having a good year”.

Memory of the promotion with Getafe

“It was a hard-fought promotion, the year was complicated, also having to come back against Tenerife after that 1-0 win. or breathe. The enthusiasm was very nice. We were confident that we could turn it around. We had full confidence. The first part we overwhelmed them “

prior reception

“Having that reception gives you that plus to go out as we did, with one more point and have that in your favor”.

Have you spoken with Luis Milla from Getafe?

“He hasn’t asked me anything, I haven’t talked to him about it. I would prefer that he stay with us, he’s a very good player, he gives us a lot and we have a very good relationship. If he has to go out and he’s going to go out first, from Getafe I can only speak well. Obviously I prefer him to stay with us.”

Return to Getafe this course

“No, no, the truth is that no. You have to be honest and no. I haven’t talked to anyone, not Getafe or any team. I’m comfortable in Granada, now I only have my mind set on starting the season with the best possible and turn the situation around. Hopefully, I would go for the fourth consecutive promotion in my years in Second”.


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