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Josh Allen and Bills put together a 21-second drive in final seconds to beat Lions

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In the last playoffs, the Buffalo Bills suffered a crushing loss to the Kansas City Chiefs, in which Patrick Mahomes somehow led his team to a game-tying field goal with just 13 seconds left in regulation.

Buffalo’s similar Thanksgiving win doesn’t make up for that loss, but it was still pretty sweet.

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Allen had 23 seconds left in the game with the Detroit Lions, and he did his job. He dropped a deep pass down the middle to Stephon Diggs to put the Bills in field goal range, Allen’s two runs brought kicker Tyler Bass in, and Buss hit a field goal with two seconds left to make up for the extra point lost with 2:40 left – by victory 28-25.

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For a Bills team that didn’t perform well in November and then battled the Lions on Thanksgiving, any win was big. Watching Allen do to the Lions what Mahomes did to them last January was a fun way to get a celebratory victory.

Lions take off fast

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It was clear from the beginning that the Lions would create problems for the Bills. After Detroit started the game, Buffalo forced Buffalo into three strikeouts and then scored a touchdown. Jamaal Williams scored his league-best 13th rushing touchdown from 2 yards as the Lions took a 7-0 lead.

The Bills took a 14–7 lead in the second quarter, but it never looked like they would run away despite being big favorites. wound. The Lions’ running game didn’t have a ton of yards, but they were physical and kept going. And the Lions’ defense, which was the worst in the NFL in seven games, was good until the end of the fourth quarter.

For most of the game, the Bills didn’t play many explosive games and didn’t do well on long trips. When Allen unsuccessfully intercepted the ball deep in Lions territory in the third quarter with the Bills leading 17–14, Buffalo were on guard. Allen has been having a hard time in the red lately, and interceptions have continued that decline.

Even when the Bills fired Goff in the end zone for safety reasons immediately after intercepting Allen in the red zone, Detroit didn’t quit.

Josh Allen of the Buffalo Bills is looking to get past the Detroit Lions.  (Photo by Ray Del Rio/Getty Images)
Josh Allen of the Buffalo Bills is looking to get past the Detroit Lions. (Photo by Ray Del Rio/Getty Images)

Bills returned in Q4

The Lions couldn’t delay the Bills, and finally the Buffalo gave themselves a long ride.

Buffalo trailed 22-19 and took their time with a long ride that fell into the red. A rough passer’s penalty sustained the move. The Lions could have complained, but Austin Bryant turned Allen to the ground long after he had made the pass. It was a bug that could have caused the game to be lost.

Two plays later, Diggs caught Allen’s laser beam and scored with 2:40 left. He completed a 14-play 90-yard drive. However, Bass missed an extra point and it was huge in a 25-22 game.

The Lions entered Bill’s territory in the last minute and only needed a field goal to equalize. When D’Andre Swift’s run was marked inches from first down, the Lions had to go for it on fourth down. Jet sweep to Amon Ra St. Brown took the first descent. The St. Browns got a huge 14-yard lead, finishing in second and 15th, and the Lions were in the field goal zone. A badly missed pass on third and first forced the Lions to try a field goal. Lions kicker Michael Badgley, who had missed a 29-yard ball earlier in the game, swerved to the left on a 51-yard attempt that was hardly good enough for a tie with 23 seconds left. Looks like the game went into overtime.

Allen and the Bills had three timeouts and 23 seconds left. This time was enough. A pass to Diggs in the center raised 36 yards. Bass hit from 45 yards with two seconds left. The Bills took their second win in Detroit in five days. They won in Detroit on Sunday when their home game against the Cleveland Browns was postponed due to a snow storm.

It was a big win for the Bills and their still-rising quarterback star, who now knows, like Mahomes, that he only needs seconds to get his team in position to win.


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