Josh McDaniels: Until we figure out how to stop losing with mistakes, it’s very difficult to win


For the fourth time in 2022, the Raiders lost a game in which they had a double-digit lead, trailing the Rams 17–16 on Thursday night.

According to the Elias Sports Bureau, the team won a touchdown for the first time in 45 seasons, starting in less than two minutes and passing 98 yards.

To make matters worse, Las Vegas lost to a Los Angeles team that acquired the quarterback they played with throughout the game two days before kickoff.

It was another inexplicable loss for the Raiders in a season in which there were plenty of them.

“I don’t see this as a step backwards. We haven’t finished the game – this is reality, you know?” This was stated by head coach Josh McDaniels at the post-match press conference. “I thought we were ready to play. I thought we were competing. We got off to a good start, but then we didn’t make it.

“The bottom line is that until we figure out how to stop losing games because of the mistakes we make ourselves, it will be very difficult to win. So, you can’t win until you stop losing. And this is facilitated by fines, losses and the like. We talked a lot about this. We obviously need to train him better and try to get us to play better.”

The Raiders had a double-digit lead over the Cardinals, Titans and Jaguars before losing all three games earlier this season. Why is this happening?

“Look, it’s 60 minutes, you know? Everyone will point to the last play or the last four plays or the last drive you have,” McDaniels said. “But there are games in every quarter that could help us widen the lead. There are things we could do in all three phases to get further in the games. And, look, there are many things that affect the outcome in the National Football League. [game]. Do you know? I’m thinking of six, or eight, or 10 of them right now, which could change some of the results anyway.

“So, those are hard lessons. They are. Like I said, you always play to win. We are aggressive and try to do things like that. But we’re 1 yard from first down on third-and-1. And they make a stop there, and if we get one, it’s game over. So, there are a lot of things that we could point to right now that would help us close the game.”

McDaniels later said that the losses were not attributable to a single unit, whether it be offense, defense, or special teams, essentially saying that the problems were all-encompassing.

“We need to be able to widen the gap if we have it and keep competing, don’t let off the gas, don’t relax and try to play the way we played at the start of the game,” McDaniels said. “So obviously I didn’t do a good enough job of getting us to do it.”