KD’s Suns Debut, Load Management, and Five-Year Anniversary of the Rockets-Clippers Tunnel Debacle

Austin and Pausha returned and began discussing KD’s debut. with Phoenix Suns (3:46). They touch on Durant’s playing alongside Devin Booker, dive into his role on that particular team, and discuss which tenure was more successful: KD with the Warriors or LeBron with the Heat (5:06). They then delve into Charles Barkley’s comments on load management and provide insight into today’s game, as well as comparing the older generation of players to this generation (16:16). They later present Story Time and reminisce about the five-year anniversary of the Rockets-Clippers Tunnel Incident (35:19) before closing the case with another quick shot, debating whether double-dipping is an acceptable way to eat. (54:05).

Hosts: Austin Rivers and Pausha Hagigi.
Producers: Erica Cervantes and Ben Cruz

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