Kenny Golladay: I’m beating myself up over missed opportunity


Cowboys Wide Receiver CD Lamb got a chance to make up for a missed pass on Monday night and he made the most of it, but the Giants Kenny Golladay didn’t have the same luck.

Holladay returned to the rotation with two snaps in Week 2 and a quarterback. Daniel Jones looked to his third loss in the fourth quarter with the Giants seven points behind. Golladay had room for a first down after the catch, but started doing it before the ball was secured and the fall forced the Giants to hit en route to a 23–16 loss.

Golladay responded to the quasi-benching in the second week by saying that he “must play”. He got his chance on Monday, but he had to mourn the missed opportunity.

“I just didn’t watch it to the end,” Golladay said at the post-match press conference. “I’m just trying to play for the team and get up on the field. I ran before I actually grabbed the ball. That, perhaps, is all that was. It can’t be, especially when 8 is doing everything he can to get the ball and help us win the football game. I want to be a guy who can play like that, so I definitely put it on myself. It was the third loss, and this cannot be. . . . It is very difficult. I kick myself for this. I would definitely like to have it back.”

Golladay has now played 20 games in his career with the Giants and the failures continue to outpace the best moments.